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Kaiser,1 1/4 ton.M715,M725.Truck, cargo and ambulance.Operators manual.1968.88 Sides.TM9-230-244-10.

M151. ton, 4x4, Operators manual. TM9-2320-218-10.

Mechanical Mule.Org maint. manual. 1/2 ton 4x4,M274,M274A1,M274A2.140 sides.TM9-2320-213-20.

Mutt,M151A2 Series.Technical manual.Organisational maintenance.May 1982.TM9-2320-218-20-1-1.Part One.

Mutt,M151A2 Series.Technical manual.Organisational maintenance.May 1982.TM9-2320-218-20-1-2.Part Two.

Willys Jeep.MB and GPW.Jan 1944.242 sides.TM9-803.

Principles of Automotive Vehicles.Jan 1956.TM9-8000.

Ordnance Maintenance.Electrical equipment.(Delco-Remy).Jan 1944.315 sides.TM9-1825A.


Chevrolet.1.5 ton 4x4 truck.264 sides.Dec 1943.TM9-805.

Dodge 3/4 ton,4x4 truck.TM9-808.Technical manual. Jan 1944.Over 350 sides.

Dodge M37,M42,M43.TM9-8030.operation and organizational maintenance.3/4 ton 4x4 cargo truck M37,3/4ton 4x4 command truck M42,3/4 ton 4x4 ambulance truck M43 and 3/4ton 4x4 telephone installation light maintenance and cabling splicing truck V-41()/GT.May 1955.Over 460 sides.

FWD.maint manual.80CWT,4x4,Tractor.Model SU-COE.

GMC DUKW. 21/2 ton 6x6 amphibian.Ordanance maintenance hull and water drive.TM9-1802C.Over 270 pages.

GMC DUKW.TM9-802.Technical manual.Sept 1943. 576.Sides

GMC,DUKW.Operational Procedures.Over 100 Sides.

GMC CCKW-352 and 353.21/2 ton truck,6x6..Tech.manual.Covers cargo truck,dump truck,gasoline truck,water tank,April 1944.Over 450 sides.TM9-801.


Diamond T.4-ton 6x6 trucks.968A cargo,969A wrecker,970/A Pontoon and 972 Dump.TM9-811.Technical manual.Jan 1944.Over 390 sides.

Studebaker. US6 and US6x4. 2 1/2 ton truck and 5 ton truck. TM9-807.Dec 1943.365 sides.

Ward la France.Kenworth.Cranes and winches.Technical manual.TM9-1795C.1943.260 sides.

M185,M185A1,M34,M35 ,M36,M36C,M47,M59,M349 ,V18A/MTQ,V17A/MTQ,M49,M49C,M50,M48,M275,M567,M292,M109,M109A1,M108,M60.Multifuel engine models,truck expansible,M29A1,M292A2,M292A5(Body only).2 1/2 ton,6x6,gasoline engine models.Operators manual.TM9-2320-209-10.Feb 1965.330 sides.

M44A1 and M44A2 series trucks (multifuel).technical manual, volume 3 of 3,part 2 of 4.Maintenance,organizational level.21/2ton,6x6.Truck.cargo,M35A1,M35A2,M35A2C,M36A2,M49A1C,M49A2C,May 1981.Covers brake system, wheel system, steering system, frame and towing attachments, springs and shock absorbers. Over 300 sides.TM9-2320-209-20-3-2.

M939 Series, 6x6,5 ton, Diesel. Truck. Operators manual TM9-2320-272-10.

M939/M939A1  Series, 6x6,5 ton, Diesel. Truck. Technical manual. Direct support and general maintenance. TM9-2320-272-34-1/2. June 1986.

M939/M939A1  Series, 6x6,5 ton, Diesel. Truck. Technical manual. Organizational maintenance. TM9-2320-272-20-1/2. October 1985.

M939/M939A1  Series, 6x6,5 ton, Diesel. Truck. Technical manual. Organizational maintenance repair parts and special tools list. TM9-2320-272-20P.

M939/M939A1  Series, 6x6,5 ton, Diesel. Truck. Technical manual. Direct support and general support maintenance repair parts and special tools list. TM9-2320-272-34P-1.


Self propelled. 155mm Howitzer. T194. Technical manual.  Jan 1954.TM9-7004. Over 650 sides.

M5a1.Light tank. Technical manual. Dec 1942. TM 9-727c. Over 350 sides.

M2-A4.Light tank. Instructions for starting and running.'Not to be taken into the line!'

M5,M5A1,M5A2,andM5A3.High speed tractor,TM9-786.over 500 sides.April 1950.

M8.Armoured car.Technical manual.Power train,suspension,hull,and turret for light armoured car M8 and armoured utility car M20.TM9-1743.183 sides.

M18.76mm.gun motor carriage and armoured utility vehicle M39.Hellcat.TM9-755.

M41 and M41A1.76mm gun full tracked combat tanks. Operation and organizational maintenance. July 1958.753 sides.TM9-2350-201-12.

M60.unit maintenance manual.Volume 2 0f 2 for 105mm gun,M60A3 and TTS Turret.Maintenance procedures and maintenance allocation chart.TM9-2350-253-20-2-2.Nov 1944.

M74.Medium tank recovery.Operation and organizational maintenance.TM9-7402.Jan 1956.over 500 sides.

M548.Tracked Cargo Carrier.Technical Descrition.AESP2350-T-100-303. TM9-2350-247-34.

Scout Cars. Hercules JXD Petrol engine.Tech manual.Sept 1942. TM9-1706. 326 sides.

Stuart/Sherman.M4A4.M3A4. TM9-1750F.Maintenance for power unit.April 1943.

Staghound T17E1.TM9-1741B.Technical manual.Transmission,transfer case, and steering systems for medium armoured car. Oct 1943.217 sides.

Staghound. T17E1.TM9-1741C.Technical manual.Chassis,hull and turret for medium armoured car.Oct 1943.272 sides.

Staghound T17E1 TM9-1741A.Medium Armoured car.Maintenance,Engines,engine accessories and fuel system for medium armoured car T17E1.Nov 1943.274 sides.

Staghound T17E1. TM9-741.Medium Armoured car. Technical manual.Dec 1942.386 pages.



The TM10 series of technical manuals was replaced by the TM9 series in 1943


Autocar.4-5 ton.Tractor-Truck.Model No.U-7144-T. TM10-1117.June 1941.Maintenance manual.

Gray Marine Engine. Model RCL-330. Operating instructions and parts list. Dated 1943.

FWD.maint manual.80CWT,4x4,Tractor.Model SU-COE.

Ford Truck. 1.5 ton 4x2. (RHD) Model 218TF. TM-10-1541. May 1952. Maintenance manual.

GMC 352 and 353. 2 1/2 ton truck.TM10-1269.Jan 1942.Very comprehensive manual.

Mack,NR-6,NR-7.Maintenance manual. TM10-1421.May 1942.Over 190 sides.

Mack models. NR8 and NR9.10 ton 6x4 cargo trucks.Maintenenace manual.TM10-1545.Dec 1942.

Willys truck. 1/4 ton. Model MB TM10-1513. Oct1942.

Petroleum tank vehicle operation.M49 and M217 trucks.TM10-1113.July 1965.70 sides.

Technical manual of the motor vehicle.Oct 1940.TM10-510.

Chassis,body and trailer units.May 1941.TM10-560.

Drivers manual.TM10-460.Expert driving,Keeps 'em Rolling.1942.United States Army.


Parts lists


GPA Ford amphibian,1/4 ton,4x4.TM-10-1264.Oct 1942.

M151A1.Mutt.Utility,Recoilless rifle,Ambulance.Organizational,maintenance,repair parts and special tools lists.TM9-2320-218-20P.322 sides.

M151A1.Mutt.Utility,Recoilless rifle,Ambulance.Direct support and general support maintenance,repair parts and special tools lists.TM9-2320-218-34P.417 sides.

M715 Kaiser Jeep.Cargo,Ambulance,Maintenance.Organizational,maintenance,repair parts and special tools lists.TM9-2320-244-20P.350 sides


Ford truck.1.5 ton. 4x2.Model 2G8T.Maint manual.May 1942.TM10-1539.155 sides.

Ford. 1.5 ton 4x2, Model 218TF. June 1942. TM-10-1540. Parts list.

GMC.truck,21/2 ton,6x6,6x4.Truck,Bomb service M27 and M27B1.Organizational maintenance allowances.ORD7SNLG-508.Aug 1951.225 sides.

GMC.Model CCKW-352 and 353.6x6.Parts book.TM10-1500.March 1941.113 sides.

GMC DUKW 353,Field and depot maintenance allowances.ORD8SNLG-501.June 1952.Over330 pages.

GMC DUKW. 21/2 ton 6x6 amphibian.List of all service parts.ORD9SNL G-501.June 1945.Over 450 sides.


Diamond T,6x4,M20 and 45 ton tank transporter trailer,M19 and M9.Organization spare parts and equipment, Higher echelon spare parts and equipment. Service parts catalogue.ORD 7-8-9 SNL G-159.520 sides.

Diamond T,4 ton 6x6.Models 967,968,968A,968B,969,969A,969B,970,970A and 972.List of all parts.ORD9 SNL G-509.500 sides.

Reo.6x4 diesel truck tractor.Model 28XS.June 1942.TM10-1507.

Mack.NR8,NR9.Parts list.Dec 1942.TM10-1544.

Mack 10 ton, 6x4, Cargo truck. NR8 through NR13. Ordnance supply catalogue. SNL G-528. !st April 1944.


M4A2.tank.Service parts catalogue.Part II.SNL G-104.Volume VII.July 1943.

M4A3.75mm.Gun.Sherman Tank.Illustrated parts list.G-204.December 1944.Ford V8 engine. Over 415 sides.

M5A1,Tractor,high speed,13 ton.Organizational maintenance allowances.ORD7SNLG-162.Oct 1950.

M8,car armoured light,M20,Armoured utility.Field and base maintenance spare parts and equipment.ORD8SNLG-136.Aug1948.Illustrated over 350 sides.

M20.Car armoured utility.Organizational and maintenance allowances.ORD7SNLG-176.98 sides.Jan 1952.

Half track vehicles.Autocar,Diamond T,and White. Ordnance supply catalogue.Higher echelon spares and equipment list. June 1944.SNLG-102..


Armaments and related


Browning M2,Operators manual. .50 cal machine gun,heavy barrel,flexible.Mount tripod,machine gun caliber .50,M3.Mount machine gun,antiaircraft M63. July 1968.TM9-1005-213-10.

Launcher,grenade,TM3-1040-266-20&P.Technical manual.smoke:screening,RP,M239.(NSN1040-01-015-0874).Nov 1977.

7.62mm tank machine gun M73.Field maint manual.TM9-1005-233-34.April 1960.

US Shotguns all types.TM9-285.Technical manual.1942.

Gun mounts

AA machinegun mounts.Cal..50 (7364875 and 8346119)December 1954.TM9-2031.

TM9-1005-213-10.Machine gun.calibre.50.Browning.Heavy barrel.mount tripod,mount antiaircraft caliber.July 1968

Machine gun mounts for trucks.1943.Covers GMC etc.TM9-224.

Parts lists

Gun,machine,cal.30,Browning,M1919A4,fixed andflexible;M1919A5,fixed;andM1919A6;and ground mounts.April 1947.ORD9SNLA-6.List of all parts.

TM1 and M1918 and machine gun clinometer.M1917.TM9-1527.Ordnance maintenance.Gunners quadrants Nov 1951.

Smoke grenade launcher.M239.Nov 1977.TM3-1040-266-20&P.



LARC-V. Self propelled, diesel, 5 ton. Organisational maintenance manual. December 1962. TM55-1930-205-20.

Cranemobile. Model 18. Mounted on T50 crane carrier. Parts list including adjustment, operating and lubrication instructions. TM5-1314.

Hyster Model D6N.Winch,tractor mounting,single drum,reversible,Maintenance instructions and parts catalogue.March 1944.TM5-9152.

L Head and F Head Gasoline driven engine. Models MC38 and MC38A1 basic engine. Conversion for stationary power.TM5-5213. Feb 1953.

Portable Generators.Model WC-7-5S.Ford 'ONY'.Maint manual.Parts manual.Maintenance manual.TM5-57?.

Sweeper, Rotary Broom,3-wheel, trailer mounted. Model MB-100.Le Roi engine, Model XP-7.Dec 1943.TM5-9078.

Caterpillar model Operator and organisational maintenance engine,diesel, replacement engine (FSN 2815-509-9911).August 1959.D-339TM5-2815-202-12.

Pump,Centrifugal.Model Jaeger 2APS-1.Powered by Model AB Wisconsin air cooled engine.Feb 1943.TM5-2022.

Caterpillar model 12 Field maintenance.Grader,road, motorized diesel engine driven 12Ft moldboard. W/Caterpillar engine,model D318:Serial number range 8T21470 through 8T21700 (FSN3805-197-4184).July 1959.TM5-3805-208-40.TO36C9-2-5-102.



Maintenance and care of pneumatic tires and rubber tires, covers tank tracks, half tracks and aircraft tires. Interesting read.TM31-200.



TM55-289. Operation of railroads, standard painting, lettering and numbering of railroad equipment. Jan 1946.

TM55-1071.Instruction manual for Buda-Lanova diesel marine engine. Model 6-DCMR-1879.April 1944.

TM55-1550-200-35.Surveillance drone.OA-2343/USD-1.Field and depot maint manual.Oct 1962.



Grader, ENG 7&8-1018-1.Organizational allowances,field and depot maintenance initial stock guide, and depot stock guide for spare parts. road:motorised;diesel-driven;tandem-drive jan-G-804;Type 1;12,500-to 14,475-pound pull at blade;12 foot moldboard;with scarifier Caterpillar model 12 (series 9K).

Caterpillar D6.ENG 7&8-3100.Organizational allowances,field and depot maintenance initial stock guide, and depot stock guide for spare parts.tractor,crawler-type:diesel-driven 12,100-to17,000-pound drawbar pull ES44-162;April 1953.

American Commercial (Non military)


GMC. Maintenance manual. Light duty models.1945 and 1946. CC-100,EC-100,EC-150, EC-250 and EC-280. Dated 1946.

GMC. Maintenance manual. FC-100.FC-150.FC-250.FC-280.Dated 1947.

GMC. Maintenance manual. Truck models 100-350.Dated 1951.

GMC. Maintenance manual. Models 100 thru 400. Dated 1953.

GMC Trucks. Maintenance manual. Models 100 thru 500. Dated 1956.

GMC  Models 100-370.1955. Preliminary instructions. Dated 1955.


Chevrolet. Light duty truck.1978.Series 10-35.Chassis service manual. Dated 1978.

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