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Basic manual of military small arms.Oct 1944.Covers weapons of Austria,Belgium,Great Britain, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy,Japan,Mexico,Soviet Union, Spain and the USA.Covers how to use, stripping etc on each weapon, lots of photos and diagrams.Over 200 sides.

User handbooks


Browning HMG .300 calibre model 1917 mechanism made easy. Fully illustrated.

Machine gun 7.62mm.GPMG..L7A2.Mounting tripod. MGL4A1..Army code no. 13633.Nov 1982.

Machine gun 7.62mmTK.L8A1.1966.W.O.Code 14557.over 68 sides.

Sterling 9mm. L2a2.User handbook.(Provisional).W.O.Code no 11228.1955.15 sides.

Sterling.9mm sub machine gun.L2A3,L34A1.User handbook.Army code 12042.1977.Over 50 sides.

Sterling 9mm MK.1.User handbook.Publishd by Sterling engineering company.22 sides.

SLR Rifle,7.62mm,L1A1 and 0.22 inch calibre,L12A1 conversion kit,7.62mm rifle. Army code no.12258.

SA80 Rifle 5.56mm L85A1 and machine gun 5.56mm.LSW L86A1.Operating information.1005-L-200-201.Dec.1987.

Tommy Gun,rifle and bayonet.Know your weapons.No.1

TM9-1005-233-34.Field maint. manual. 7.62mm tank machine  gun M73.April 1960.

FM 23-55 Browning machine guns..30 cal,M1917A1,M1919A4 and M1919A6.Dated April 1945.Over 290 sides.


30mm Gun,L21A1(Rarden).Provisional User Handbook.Army code No. 60975.80 Sides.

.50 cal L1a1, Browning heavy barrel with mounting A.A. L1A1 and vehicle stand L1A1 or Ground stand, L2A1.W.O.Code no. 10408. 1953.User handbook. This manual shows the mounting frames etc to mount on post war trucks with the three ball fittings on the cab roof.

Armament.Fox/Sabre.Volume 3.No.34.Army code no.71331.Covers 30mm gun,7.62 gun.controls,sighting,smoke dischargers,ammunition,gun drills etc.

8 inch howitzer,M2,M55,Instructional notes to teach the characteristics,nomenclature,functioning and maintenance.Aug 1961

84mm gun, infantry anti tank,L14A1. Army code 14985.Dated 1968.Over 90 sides.

3.5 inch rocket launcher.infantry training.Pamphlet no.9 Part II.W.O.Code no.8774.1953.

105mm.Field gun.L118.Towed. Operating information.  AESP 1015-K-100-201. Dec 1999.


BAT. 120mm.L1,L2A1,L1A1. User handbook. W.O.Code No.10347.Dated 1955.

120mm Gun(Wombat) infantry training.Covers Landrover Portee roles and 432.71104.1977.335 sides.

User handbook for M41 76mm gun tank.

M107/M110/M110A1/M110A2.Brief description of vehicle and armament.

105mm,L118 and L119.field gun,Precis.

105mm,L5 comprising howitzer pack,105mm,L101 on carriage,105mm,howitzer,L3A1.Part two the equipment.Army code.13043.1970.

B.L.5.5 inch gun/howitzer,mk3 and 4 on carriage 5.5inch,OR 4.5 inch gun mks1/1 and 2/1.W.O.Code11077.Land service July 1956.

40/70 A.A.L3.Ordanance,Q.F.40/70.MK2/1 on mounting,40/70A.A.,mks2,2/1,2/2ans2/3.W.O.Code 12801.1960.Over 130 sides.

TM9-1005-213-10. Operators manual. .50 cal machine gun,Browning M2,heavy barrel,flexible.Mount tripod,machine gun caliber .50,M3.Mount machine gun,antiaircraft M63. July 1968

Gun mounts

TM9-2031.Cal..50 AA machinegun mounts.(7364875 and 8346119)December 1954.

TM9-1005-213-10.Machine gun.calibre.50.Browning.Heavy barrel.mount tripod,mount antiaircraft caliber.July 1968

TM9-224.Machine gun mounts for trucks.1943.Covers GMC etc.

Infra-red sighting equipment on Tank, medium,gun,Centurion, marks 6/1,9/1 and 10/1. 14241. 1964.

Parts lists

Rarden.L21A1. Illustrated parts list. and accessories/ancillaries. Army code no.60551. July 1974.

PIAT.MK1. Parts list. Dated 1945. Australian publication.

No.18 MK2.Machine Gun mounting.Over cab.Illustrated parts list. AESP1005-Q-102-711. Aug 1987.

3 Inch mortar.mk4 and 5. Illustrated parts list.

Signal pistol 1 inch, No.1, Mk 3 and 5. Illustrated parts list.

Sterling sub machine gun.Spares catalogue.(SMG 9MM L2A3).Published by Sterling engineering company.

Sterling.9mm.L2A3.Illustrated parts catalgoue.Army code No.12077.Army code No. 12077. Revised 1978.

ORD9SNLA-6.List of all parts.Gun,machine,cal.30,Browning,M1919A4,fixed andflexible;M1919A5,fixed;andM1919A6;and ground mounts.April 1947.

Illustrated parts list. 7.62 machine gun.Bren,LMG,L4A4,L4A6.Army code no.13897.Oct 1978.

Illustrated parts list. 7.62 machine gun.L4A2.Army code no.12605. Oct 1978.

Illustrated spare parts list.Machine gun.30in,L3A3,L3A4,mount tripod.30in.M2,L2A1 and accessories/ancillaries.

Illustrated spare parts list.Sight, laser rangefinder,periscope,armoured vehicle no2 mk2. 61877.May 1981.

Illustrated spare parts list for carriage,120mm,B.A.T.,L6A2.13842.Prt 4.28 sides.1963.

Illustrated spare parts list,Gun,equipment,120mm.,B.A.T.,L6 of accessories/ancillaries.13842.Prt 5.18 sides1963.

Illustrated spare parts list,Ordnance,120mm.,B.A.T.,L12A3.13842.Prt 7.18 sides.Sept 1964.

Illustrated spare parts list.Fire control equipment,A.A.No.7 and Amplifier,fire control equipment.12970.May 1968.

ISPL.Machine gun,.50 inch.L2IAI accessories/ancillaries.Army code.14315.July 1964.

Parts list for machine gun .30 in, L3A1,L3A2, tripod mounting.L2A1. W.O.Code no.11824. Dated 1957.

Illustrated parts list.SLR,Rifle,7.62mm,L1A1, including accessories/ancillaries and conversion kit,7.62mm rifle, .22inch calibre,L12A1Army code 13413.Dec1982.

Identification list. for range finders,No.12,mks.III,III*and III**.mks.IV,IV* and IV**.mk.V. on No.14 instrument stand also case,no.12.range finder,cover,No.12.range finder frog,No.14.instrument stand and nos.I and 2.r.f. artificers laths. 1939.112 sides

Illustrated spare parts list for Radar,A.A.,No.4,Mk.7,10/8,T.E.(Trailer chassis parts only).12731.Nov1959.

Illustrated parts list.SA80 Rifle,5.56mm,L85A1,machine gun 5.56mm,L86A1,Rifle,5.56mm,L98A1,Cadet general purpose and conversion kit,5.56mm,rifle,0.22 inch,L41A1.1005-L-200-711.Jan 1989.

105mm.Field gun.L118.Illustrated parts catalogue. AESP 1015-K-100-711. Dec 2004.

M20. 3.5 Rocket launcher.List of component parts.Illustrated. W.O.Code No.12648. Dated 1960.

EMER's and maintenance manuals

SA80 Rifle,5.56mm,L85A1,rifle 5.56mm,L98A1 cadet GP,rifle 5.56mm L1031 cadet DP, and machine gun 5.56mm L86A1.AESP 1005-L-200-522.Feb 1985.Level 3 requirements..

SA80 Rifle,5.56mm,L85A1,rifle 5.56mm,L98A1 cadet GP,rifle 5.56mm L1303A1 cadet DP,and machine gun 5.56mm L86A1.AESP 1005-L-200-532. Feb 1985. Level three requirements.

SA80 Rifle,5.56mm,L85A1,rifle 5.56mm,L98A1 cadet GP,and machine gun 5.56mm L86A1.Modification instructions and index.AESP.1005-L-200-811.80 sides.Aug 1987.

25 Pounder.Field Equipment. Data Summary. Emer F450.Data Summary.4 sides.

25 Pounder.Field Equipment.Tech handbook.Tech description. Emer F452.46 sides.

25 Pounder.Field Equipment.Tech handbook.Unit repairs. Emer F453.24 sides.

25 Pounder.Field Equipment.Tech handbook.Field and base repairs. Emer F454.

25 Pounder.Field Equipment.Tech handbook.Inspection Standards.. Emer F458. 21 sides.

25 Pounder.Field Equipment.Misc.Instructions.Various please contact us.

TM9-1527.Ordnance maintenance.Gunners quadrants M1 and M1918 and machine gun clinometer.M1917.Nov 1951.

Gun,Equipment, 105mm,L5. .Emers. H150-H159. April 1963.

Ordnance,BL,120mm,Tank,L11.(All marks.)Chap3.Mounting 120mm gun, and .50 inch and 7.62mm MG, No.3,Mk1. Technical handbook.Technical description. Armament H292.Chapter 3.

Gun,Equipment, 105mm,Tank,L7A1. Technical handbook-data summary.H200,Technical handbook-technical description H202,Technical handbook-unit repairs H203,Technical handbook-field and base repairs H204,technical handbook-field standards H208.March 1961.65 sides.

120mm,RCL Anti-tank equipment.Ordanance 120mm.L2A1 on carriage L1A1. Emers. H230-H239.March 1959.184 sides

Gun Equipment,120mm(BAT)L4. Emers. H250-259.May 1959.166 sides

Gun equipment,120mm Bat.L6(Wombat) Emers. H272,273,274,275,277,278,279.Feb 1973.266 sides.

Gun equipment,120mm Bat.L7(Conbat)Emers. H282,283,284,287,288,289.Dec 1966.206 sides.

5.5in howitzer mks 3 and 4 on carriage, 4.5/5.5 in.,mks.1 and 2.Emers.J200-J207.March 1956.

TM3-1040-266-20&P.Technical manual.Launcher,grenade,smoke:screening,RP,M239.(NSN1040-01-015-0874).Nov 1977.

FH70. 155mm. L121. Technical handbook. Data summary. EMER J530. Issue 3. Oct 1981.

FH70. 155mm. L121. Technical handbook. Technical description. EMER J532.Chaps 1 to 13. Issue 2. July 1981.

Artillery Meteorological System. (AMETS). We have all the manuals covering all the equipment this system uses. There is over 3ft on my book shelf.Instrument drill,Control Unit RAL 2031A type 41699,Artillery training, volume II.Field artillery, General principles and theory,Inverter power static 28v D.C.Teleprinter T100R, Generator Set engine driven 40Kw,416/240v,50/60Hz.etc...

Modification Instructions.

FH70 Howitzer. 155mm.L121. Technical handbook. Modification instructions. No.1 to 29.

FH70 Howitzer. 155mm. L121. Technical handbook. Misc. instructions.No.1 to No.39.

105mm.Field gun.L118.Modification instructions and index. No.s 1 to 48. AESP 1015-K-100-811. Dec 1999.

105mm.Field gun.L118. General instructions and index.No.s 1 to 47. AESP 1015-K-100-822. Dec 1999.

Inspection Standards.

105mm.Field gun.L118.Inspection standards. AESP 1015-K-100-532. Dec 1999.

Maintenance schedule.

105mm.Field gun.L118.Maintenance Schedule. AESP 1015-K-601-532. Dec 1999.

Weapons and equipment.

Browning HMG .300 calibre model 1917 mechanism made easy. Fully illustrated.

Notes on 175mm,M107 gun, self propelled.Part 2.Gun and mounting.HB68.1965.

Tommy Gun,rifle and bayonet.Know your weapons.No.1

Small arms training.Light machine gun.Bren.1942.42 sides.

Royal Military college of science.The handbook of infantry weapons,part one, small arms,and part two,Infantry weapons other than small arms..

Infantry training.

Infantry training.Vol I.Infantry platoon weapons.Pamphlet No.4.The Sub machine gun.Sterling.1955.WO Code no 8948.

Infantry training.Vol I.Infantry platoon weapons. Pamphlet No.9.Part IV.66mm Section anti tank rocket. Army code no.70626.

Infantry training.Vol I. Infantry Platoon Weapons No.6. Light machine gun (BREN) and section handling 1955. WO Code no 8910.


Infantry training.Vol II.Skill at arms.(Personal weapons).Pamphlet No.7. 7.62mm Self  Loading Rifle. WO Code no.71012.

Infantry training.Vol II.Skill at arms.(Personal weapons).Pamphlet No.8.Part 1. GPMG.Light Role. Army code no.71026.

Infantry training.Vol II.Skill at arms.(Personal weapons).Pamphlet No.8.Part 2. Light Machine Gun. Army code no.71027.

Infantry training.Vol II.Skill at arms.(Personal weapons).Pamphlet No.9. Sub machine gun.1975.Army code no.71028.

Infantry training.Vol II.Skill at arms.(Personal weapons).Pamphlet No.10. 9mm Browning Pistol. Army code no 71029.


Infantry training.Vol III. (Section and Platoon Weapons).Pamphlet No.17.pt1. GPMG.  Sustain fire role. 1976.Army code no. 71058.

Infantry training.Vol III.(Section and Platoon Weapons).Pamphlet No.13. Grenades. Army code n0.71001. Dated1975.

Infantry training.Vol III. No.17. Part 2.  GPMG.Turret mount.FV432.Peak turret.1978.Army code no.71142.


Infantry training.Vol IV. Ranges. Range conduct and safety rules. Army code.71080.1978.


Gun Drill.

Gun Equipment 105mm, L5. (Howitzer, 105mm L10, A1 on carriage, 105mm, Howitzer, L3, A1). Army code no. 70600. Dated 1970.

Complete Equipment Schedules

C.E.S. Service edition. Simple equipment 46032.Machine Gun.30 inch L3A3 and accessories. Jan 1975.

C.E.S. Service edition.46026.MG 7.62mm,L4A2 and accessories.

C.E.S. Service edition.46029.MG 7.62mm,L4A4 and accessories.

C.E.S. Service edition.7.62mm.Gun machine.L4A6, with accessories (infantry role). WO code. 46034.1961.

C.E.S. Service edition.40057.Mortar equipment 51mm.

C.E.S. Service edition. Simple equipment. 105mm.Field gun.L118.  AESP 1015-K-100-741. Aug 2004.


Royal Armoured Corps. Vigilant. ATGW. Controllers log book.

Vigilant. Testing the missile. container/launcher and modified control equipment. 1967.

Royal Armoured Coprs training. Vigilant Guided weapon system. March 1968.Army code 70038.

AFV Training. Pamphlet No.50. The armament systems and gunnery theory CVR(T) (Sabre,Scimitar and Spartan) Warrior (All variants) and Saxon (L37 Turret mount). Army code No. 71644. (Revised 2000).

Weapons Sights.

Weaponsight, Image Intensified,L1A1. (Individual weaponsight.) User handbook. Army code. No.60684. Dated 1970.

Telescope.Straight,Image Intensified.Cased.L4A1.User handbook.Army Code.No.61538. Dated 1976.


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