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C.E.S.Service edition.Land Rover 1/2ton 4x4 LHD.34192. Sept 1975.

Land Rover. TUL, TUM, Ambulance HS, Defender XD. All variants. CES. AESP 2320-D-128-741. June 2001.19.99

C.E.S.Service edition. Truck Utility (HT) 3600KG, 110 Chassis, V8, with vehicle protection kit. (VPK). Army code.No.32025.January 1997.


Tools and equipment list for GM,3 ton 4x4,158"w.b.General service..Part no.5827039.

C.E.S.Service edition.32059.BV206. Carrier full tracked. (FFR Variant).

C.E.S.Service edition.33588.1966.Generating and charging plant.Dry air truck mounted 1 ton 4x4 Morris MRA1.

C.E.S.Service edition.34154.Bedford RL,Armoured half cab,with winch.3ton, 4x4.1966.

C.E.S.Service edition.33661.Bedford RL.Truck maintenance binned.3 ton.Aug 1966.

C.E.S.Service edition.30558.Bedford RL.Recovery Vehicle. Sept 1972.

C.E.S.Service edition.33703.Bedford RL.Recovery Vehicle.Light 3ton 4x4.June 1972.

C.E.S.Service edition.33776.Bedford RL,cargo,split cab,3ton,4x4.1966.

C.E.S.Service edition.33647.Bedrford RLW.Truck cargo,with winch bridging.July 1973.

C.E.S.Service edition.33723.Bedford RLHC,Truck, firefighting 3ton 4x4.April 1977.

C.E.S.Service edition.34238.Bedford EJN3BCQ.Truck cargo, c.l.Dropside.4ton 4x2.Feb 1971.

C.E.S.Service edition.31488.BV206.LHD.Feb 1984.

C.E.S.Service edition. 31892.LHD BV206. Diesel.Sept 1991.

C.E.S.Service edition. 31639.LHD BV206.Falkland Isles. July 1995.

C.E.S.Service edition.33681.Commer Q4.fuel injection equipment repair truck.June 1974.

C.E.S.Service edition.31864.DAF.4x4,4 tonne, with winch. with Euro 1 engine. May 1994.

C.E.S.Service edition.39564.Humber armoured 1 ton truck.Foam Dispensing.

C.E.S.Service edition.44874.Radio station UK/PRC 351/2 clip in for truck 1 tonne 4x4 Rover G.S.Nov 1985.

CES. 31884.Complete Equipment Schedule. Reynolds Boughton cargo. W/Winch. 4x4. Cargo W/Winch 4x4 LHD. July 1999.

C.E.S. Service edition. Supacat.MK3. ATMP. AESP 2320-B-103-741. Sept 2000.

C.E.S. Service edition. Pinzgauer all variants. Truck utility medium. Heavy Duty. AESP 2320-D-400-741. Jan 2005.


C.E.S.Service edition.31788. Foden, 6x6, Recovery wheeled vehicle. Jan 1997.

C.E.S.Service edition.33749.Alvis Stalwart 5 ton MK1, or Alvis Stalwart FFR 5 ton, MK1.Aug 1988.

C.E.S. Service edition.34153.Alvis Stalwart. 5 ton MK2 with winch,Alvis Stalwart. 5 ton FFR with winch. Army code no. 34153.Feb 1987.

C.E.S.Service edition.33806.Albion WD/HD/23N.machine shop truck mounted.10 ton.Sept 1966.

C.E.S.Service edition.33842.Diamond T.908 or 981.Diamond T,980/C6N or 981/C6N.1966.

C.E.S.Service edition.33783.Bedford KEA,4x2,tractor semi wheeled.6 ton.July 1969.

C.E.S.Service edition.34254.Scammell Crusader.35 ton. CL. 6x4.Trailer.


C.E.S.Service edition.31646. M578. Clansman, 7.62mm Wrecker. June 1983.

Challenger 1 and 11 and derivates

C.E.S.Service edition.Simple equipment 32092.Challenger 2.Oct 1995.

C.E.S.Service edition. Armoured recovery and repair vehicle (Challenger ARRV).Army code no.31852.Nov 1991.  Price 19.99

CES.Service edition.Armoured vehicle Royal Engineers.Trojan. AESP 2350-F-101-741. 2nd edition. April 2010.


C.E.S.Service edition.33010.Tank bridgelayer Centurion MK5(VHF),Tank bridgelayer MK5 (VHF)(LR).

C.E.S.Service edition.33031.Tank,ARK,Centurion MK5 (VHF).

C.E.S.Service edition.43273.Radio station C42/C45/B48 in Centurion MK5/6.Simple equipment.


C.E.S.Service edition.33024.Chieftain.MK1 or MK1/2. 120mm gun. Feb 1972.

C.E.S.Service edition.31314.Chieftain.120mm gun. FF Clansman. May 1991.


C.E.S.Service edition.32028.CVRT.30mm gun FF Clansman,Sabre(Scorpoled)March 1994.

C.E.S.Service edition.31026.CVRT.Spartan FV103.Nov 1984.

C.E.S.Service edition. CVRT Scorpion.Clansman 76mm gun.31296.April 1978.

C.E.S.Service edition. CVRT Scorpion.FF Clansman 76mm gun.Scorpion.31297..June 1978.

C.E.S.Service edition.33092.CVRT.30mm Scimitar (FF Larkspur).

C.E.S.Service edition. 43769.Installation kit,electronic equipment,radio station uk/vrc 353 in "B" position in CVR(T) Scorpion (FV101),Scimitar (FV107).Jan 1979.

C.E.S.Service edition. 44565.Installation kit,electronic equipment,radio station uk/vrc 353 in "A" position in CVR(T) Scorpion (FV101),Scimitar (FV107).Aug. 1979.

C.E.S.Service edition.31119.Combat vehicle recovery full tracked.(Samson).June 1990.

C.E.S.Service edition.39930.Multi purpose field trainer for launcher, guided missile,carrier mounted,F/T swingfire (FV438) enviroment,CVRTG.W. Striker environment and separate fire roles.

CVR(T).Samaritan.CES.Simple Equipment.Fully illustrated.AESP 2350-T-212-741. Sept 1999.

CVR(T).Spartan.CES.Simple Equipment.Fully illustrated.AESP 2350-T-211-741.Sept 1999.

Stormer, Carrier, Full tracked, Troop Reconnaissance Vehicle (TRV). Complete Equipment Schedule. Service edition. Complex equipment. AESP 2350-T-120-751.Nov 1999.19.99

Stormer, Carrier, Full tracked, Troop Reconnaissance Vehicle (TRV). Complete Equipment Schedule. Service edition. Simple equipment. AESP 2350-T-120-741.Nov 1999.19.99

Shielder. Carrier, Full tracked, Vehicle Launched Scatterable Mine System (VLSMS). CES. Production Edition. AESP 2350-T-125-731. 2nd Edition. December 1999.19.99

Shielder. Carrier, Full tracked, Vehicle Launched Scatterable Mine System (VLSMS). CES. Service Edition. AESP 2350-T-125-741. December 2001.19.99


C.E.S.Service edition.44551.Installation kit,electronic equipment,radio station UK/VRC 353 in 'A' position in CVR(W) Fox.Oct 1988

C.E.S. Service edition.Complete equipment schedule. A.C. no.33042.Contains ammendments nos.1-31 and replaces all previous issues.April 1991.Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance wheeled,30mm gun Fox..

Daimler Ferret and Armoured car

C.E.S.Service edition.Daimler Ferret. 31247.

C.E.S.Service edition.33047.Scout car reece.Ferret .MK2.Oct 1972.

C.E.S.Service edition.30308.Scout car reece.Ferret .MK2.Nov 1971.

C.E.S.Service edition 33049.Scout car Recce Ferret MK4.Sept 1974.

C.E.S.Service edition.33006.Armoured car.2pdr.Daimler mk1,MK1/1.


C.E.S.Service edition.33060.Carrier maintenance full tracked (FV434)MK1.Nov 1994.

C.E.S.Service edition.31024. Turret Armoured fighting vehicle. (30mm gun). Nov 1974.

C.E.S.Service edition.33070.Carrier full tracked FV439 MK1 and MK2/1. Fitted for RS C50/R236.May 1997.

C.E.S.Service edition.33069.Carrier full tracked FV439 MK1 and MK2/1. Fitted for communications system message centre.March 1997.

C.E.S.Service edition.31381.Carrier full tracked FF Clansman FV432 MK1, and Carrier Personnel full tracked FF Clansman FV432 MK1/1.July 1995.

C.E.S.Service edition.31382.Carrier personnel full tracked FF clansman,FV432 mk2.Carrier personnel full tracked FF clansman FV432 mk 2/1.

C.E.S.Service edition.34927. Conversion kit, Command post for carrier personnel, Full tracked.FV432.

 C.E.S.. Simple equipment. Illustrated. FV432.Bulldog 2.AESP 2350-T-255-741. October 2006. With amendments No.1 to 5. 19.99

CES.Service edition.Simple equipment. FV436. Armoured staff vehicle. AESP 2350-T-253-741. March 2005. Price 19.99


Armoured vehicle mounted rocket launcher. (AVMRL).M270.CES.Service edition. Simple equipment. AESP 1055-R-300-741. Sept 2006. 2nd edition.19.99

Armoured vehicle mounted rocket launcher. (AVMRL).M270 B1.CES.Service edition. Simple equipment. AESP 1055-R-310-741. Nov 2006.19.99.


CES.Service edition. Simple equipment. Ridgeback. 4x4.Medium protection vehicle. Ambulance variant. AESP 2320-D-415-741. June 2010.


C.E.S.Service edition.Simple equipment 33008.Armoured car Saladin MK2.April 1972.

C.E.S.Service edition.Simple equipment 43070.C12/B47 in Armoured car Saladin MK2.August 1975.


C.E.S.Service edition.31735. Saxon (REME).

Saracen FV604

C.E.S.Service edition.42330.Radio station C11-R210/C42 in Saracen FV604.

C.E.S.Service edition.31253. Carrier Personnel wheeled. Mk8(VHF), MK9(VHF)(RFC). April 1978.

C.E.S.Service edition.31179. Carrier Personnel wheeled. Mk5(VHF), MK6(VHF)(RFC). Oct 1974.


C.E.S.Service edition.31642.Warrior,FV510,30mm tracked.Aug 1990.

C.E.S.Service edition.31838.Combat vehicle,maintenance,tracked Warrior (repair) FV512.August 1996.

C.E.S.Service edition.31839.Trailer maintenance high mobility, Warrior.Sept 1988.


C.E.S.Service edition.Harley Davidson,General purpose.Motor cycle.  31927.


C.E.S.Service edition.A41, manpack/ground. 42343. Jan 1976.

C.E.S.Service edition.Installation kit,electronic equipment,radio stations C42 in FV432.september 1977.Army code no.429212n.

C.E.S.Service edition.45268.Installation kit,electronic equipment,Clansman basic harness for FV434.Jan 1990.


C.E.S.Service edition.34246.Trailer Airportable,bridge,1 ton 2wh Sankey. (FV240) Dec1970.


C.E.S.Service edition.Simple equipment 46032.Machine Gun.30 inch L3A3 and accesories.Jan 1975.

C.E.S.Service edition.46026.MG 7.62mm,L4A2 and accessories.

C.E.S.Service edition.46021.MG 7.62mm. L4A1. with second barrel assembly and accessories.Oct 1961.

C.E.S.Service edition.46029.MG 7.62mm,L4A4 and accessories.

C.E.S.Service edition.46034.7.62mm.Gun machine.L4A6, with accessories(infantry role)1961.

C.E.S.Service edition.40057.Mortar equipment 51mm.

CES.Service edition. Hook and line Set.Army code no. 39586.

Stationary Engines

C.E.S.Service edition.38356.Plant,dry air charging,static,S.I.,engine driven,5c.f.m/2500 p.s.i.,reavel sat.3-Coventry climax.


C.E.S.Service edition.35652.Torch outfit,cutting and welding,oxy-acetylene,ARV Milne.March 1975

CES. Service edition.45400. Shop equipment, instrument repair, transportable container, truck MTG 3 ton CB 368/1. (Night version).

Reference.Vehicles,publications and equipment.

Index of Complete equipment Schedules,(CES) service editions,for equipments of ROAC and RE provisions.Want to know if you have all the CES publications for your vehicle then this is the book.204 sides.,Dated 1980. Please contact me for a price on this publication

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