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Austin 1/4 ton,Cargo,FFW,4x4, 'Champ'. 11780. 1958.

Austin Ten. War office contract.Pub No.1888.

Austin 1800.Mk2.Army code.22207.Oct 1969.

Bedford.Instruction book.Light delivery models. 19.8hp and 26.3 hp.Third edition.1936.Civilian.

Chevrolet truck.Operation and care.1940.Covers KC,KD,KE,WA,WB,WC,WD,WE,WF,TG,BG.83 Sides.

Chevrolet. Drivers handbook. 15 cwt. 4x4. Model C-15A. Drivers handbook. C15A-HB1.

Ford Utility W.O.A.1,W.O.A.1/A and W.O.A.2. 4 seater 4x2.Drivers handbook.100/FD4.

Ford W.O.A.1.Drivers handbook.Contract no.3937.March 1941.30 sides.

Ford W.O.C.1, Instruction book.Contract V3615. May 1940.223 Sides.

WOT 2. Drivers handbook. Contract No. V4150. Item 2. August 1941.

Ford model G.P.A.Drivers instructions.

Ford Amphibian.1/4 ton 4x4.Operators instruction manual.31 sides.

Ford Zephyr'4'.W.O.Code20802.Jan 1963.grade 4.

Gaz 69.Gaz 69A.Drivers handbook.In Russian.128 sides.

Ferguson,tractor,wheeled.FE-35.Mk4,5,6,7,8 and mk8/1.W.O.Code18452.July 1962.

Humber Snipe (27h.p.) Pullman.1938/39.Civlian publication.Jan 1946.Service information.

Hillman truck,4x2,LIght Utility.MK's 1,1A,11,11A,11B,1V.Drivers handbook. June 1943.Book no.100/HL2.

Land Rover Series 3.Utility.All Variants. Operating Information.Oct 1983.AESP 2320-D-100-201.

Land Rover 90/110,All variants.(Excluding APVand SAS).Operating information.AESP-D_122-201.Mach 1987.

Land Rover GS,1/4 ton, GS 3/4 ton, GS FFR 1/4 ton, GS FFR 3/4 ton. Code no. 22152. March 1967.

Land Rover.1/4 ton gs,4x4,Mk.6.CL,utility,4x2.MK6.MK8,3/4ton MK7,MK9.Vehicles with 12volt system. 18390. 1959.

Land Rover.1/4 ton gs,ffr,4x4,Rover8.3/4ton,gs,ffr,4x4,Rover 9.Vehicles with 24 volt equipment.18358.1962.

Land Rover. SAS Desert Version. 22205. Aug 1969.

Land Rover. Series 3,lightweight.1/2 ton Army code no.22228.May 1972

Land Rover.Series one.MK3.June 1955.17856.

Landrover.TUL,TUM,and TUM ambulance.Operating Information AESP 2320-D-128-801.Dec 1997.Edition 2.

Land Rover,1 tonne,FFR and GS.Army code no.22260.Jan 1975.User handbook.

Lister.Auto-Truck.Instruction book and spare parts list for type 'SS2'Power Units.Over 40 sides.

Lister.Auto-Truck.Instruction book and spare parts list for type 'NU9'Power Units.Over 49 sides.

Lister.Auto-Truck.Instruction book and spare parts list for type 'SS3'Power Units.Over 48 sides.

Morris Mini MK1.1/4 ton van. User handbook. Army code no.22203.August 1969.

Morris 10H.P. Light Utility.Car 2 seater light.Drivers handbook. Book no.100/M.M.1B.63 pages.

Morris Ten Utility Car.Operation Manual.

Morris Commercial.15 cwt,4x4,GS,Wireless,Light warning,Air compressor.No.100/ML5A.84 pages.

Morris,LC5.Ambulance,2 stretcher,4x2.W.O.Code18383.April 1958.

Morris,J2,coach,12str,cl,4x2.Minibus.W.O.Code18394.May 1960.

Morris,LC5,Ambulance stretcher2,cl,4x2.W.O.Code.18400.Sept 1959.

Morris Commercial. 4x4. C8. Tractor, F.A., MKII, Tractor, F.A., MKIII, Lorry 30 cwt, AT.Portee,MKII. Lorry, 30 cwt.,AT Portee, MKIII. Book No.100/ML1A. Drivers handbook.

Mutt.M151 1/4 ton,4x4.M151,M151A1,M151A2,recoilless rifle M151A1C, M825, Ambulance, M718, M718A1.Operators manual.March 1983.

Standard Vanguard car,4-seater saloon,CL.,4x2.W.O.code 17818.Contract 6/Veh/12521/CB27(a)155110 16921.19829.Series II.Incorporating estate car,delivery truck, and pick up truck.

Standard Vanguard MK.3.W.O.Code no.18364.Feb 1956.

Standard saloon.W.O.Code 18497.March 1960.

Standard Vanguard/Ensign,W.O.Code 20784.July 1962.

Supacat MK2.Carrier,Utility,Wheeled all Terrain,Mobile platform,6x6 Supacat.Operating information.AESP2320-B-102-201.Not available.

Dodge M37,M42,M43.TM9-8030.operation and organizational maintenance.3/4 ton 4x4 cargo truck M37,3/4ton 4x4 command truck M42,3/4 ton 4x4 ambulance truck M43 and 3/4ton 4x4 telephone installation light maintenance and cabling splicing truck V-41()/GT.May 1955.Over 460 sides.

TM9-230-244-10.Kaiser,1 1/4 ton.M715,M725.Truck, cargo and ambulance.Operators manual.1968.88 Sides.

TM9-803.Willys Jeep.MB and GPW.Jan 1944.242 sides.

Volkswagen.Type 11 and Type 51.Handbook.English and German text.26 sides.

YA-126.1 ton,4x4,24volt.December 1975.Dutch text!Nice pictures though.VTH9-326.

UAZ-469B. User manual. Over 90 sides. In German.!


Austin 2 ton, 3 ton, 5 ton, commercial vehicles. 2203A. 1945.

Austin 2 ton lorry. Contract no. V/S4871.Pub no.2041. Handbook.Short wheelbase, fire tender body.ATV.

Austin 2 - 3 ton lorry. Pub no. 2010. Contract V/4653. 1941.

Austin commercial, Running and Maintenance instructions.2ton-3ton-5ton.Pub no.228c.Jan 1947.75 sides.

Austin 30cwt,2ton,3ton. Commercial vehicles. 1764C.

Austin Truck maintenance.2ton - 5ton.Coach chassis.Pub no.601.June 1949.50 sides.

Austin. Drivers handbook. 3 ton lorry. 6x4.K6 General service. K6 Crane turntable. K6A Breakdown with PTO and 5 ton winch. RAF Signals, bomb platform and bus type. Book no. 100/AN9B. Feb 1945.

Austin, lorry, 3 ton, 4x4, A.T.Portee and G.S. K5.

Austin,lorry,3ton, 4 wheeled,G.S.Contract V.4799.Pub no.2017.

Austin W.D. 3ton six wheel, Tender.

Austin, lorry, W.D. 30cwt. 2 ton.Pub no.1879.

Austin, Instruction book. Truck,3 ton,4x2,cl,cargo.W.O.Code17572.July 1951.Over 40 sides.

Austin 4-5 ton commercial vehicle.Pub no.1988.Dated08/41.55 sides.

Austin FJ.Cargo with winch.41/2 ton. Army code no.20902.1965.

Austin K9.1 ton,4x4, cargo,  FFW, radio repair, wrls, water 200 gallon. W.O.Code 17829.July 1955.Over 65 sides.

Austin K9. Series three. 4x4, cargo, ambulance, multi fuel engine. W.O.Code no.18403.Jan1961.

Bedford AWD.M Series drivers manual.SP07.March 1998.

Bedford. Drivers handbook. No.1 Dated Sept 1938.

Bedford OX and OY. WD Type. Drivers handbook. No.3.Dated 1939.

Bedford.Instruction book.Model RLH.Special appliance and fire tender chassis.ts.332/3.Feb 1956.

Bedford RL,3 ton, 4x4, 1000  gallon refueller. 4518D. 1963

Bedford RL,3 ton, 4x4, cargo,cargo with winch,light recovery. 18374. 1958.

Bedford RL. Trucks 3ton gs charging,signals. 11588. Feb 1956.

Bedford.Model S.Instruction book.T.S.283/6.Feb 1953.101 sides.

Bedford KEA3. Tractor ,wheeled, semi trailer 6 ton, 4x2. Army code no. 20587. March 1966. User handbook.

Bedford QL.3 ton, 4x4.Drivers handbook. Book no.100/BD4. June 1942. 60 sides.

Bedford.QLB. Tractor. 4x4. Light AA. Drivers handbook. TS164/3. November 1943.

Bedford, lorry,3ton,4x2 OY,OYC,OYD. 2075A. 1944.

Bedford.Drivers handbook.Civilian models OWS,OWL,OWB,service models OX and OY and Bedford-Scammell tractor. Nov 1944. B.466/4.

Bedford Drivers handbook.M.W.,O.X.,O.Y. 1940.Maroon covers..

Bedford Instruction book.M.W.,O.X.,O.Y. Jan 1939.TS138.72 sides.

Bedford Drivers handbook.15cwt, 4x2. M.W.Green covers. TS 160/3. RAF issue. July 1942.

Bedford Drivers handbook.4x2. MW,MWC,MWD,MWR. 100.BD6A.Jan 1945..

Bedford Drivers handbook WD models. MW.OX.OY.QL.B.543/5.Over 60 sides.

Bedford, Drivers handbook. lorry,(3 ton 4x2).Model OY. TS162/3. June 1942.

Bedford lorry, 3ton, 4x4, QL,QLC,QLD,QLR,QLT. Air pub no.2006.Aug 1943.218 sides.

Bedford Model O. Instruction book. Oct 1950.T.S.223/13.90 sides. Covers OSA, OSB, OLA ,OLB, and Bedford Scammell tractor.

Bedford TK. 4x2. Series S. Operating Information. AESP 2320-H-101-201. Nov 1984.

Bedford coach,39str,SB3.W.O.Code 18373.December 1957.

Bedford. Model K and Model M. Oct 1952.T.S.227/16.87 sides.

Bedford,,30 seater,W.O.Code17785.October 1962.

Bedford,SB3,coach/ambulance, large. W.O.Code 20875.December 1963.

Bedford,S.B.3,coach,large,4x2.W.O.Code18438.June 1962.

Bedford TK, CL, Series S, 4x2.Operating information.AESP2320-H-101-201.

BV206. LHD. Full tracked articulated carrier. Operating Information. AESP 2350T300201. August 1985.

BV202E, carrier, full tracked articulated. Amendment No.4. 22829. 1986.User handbook supplement.

Carrier,Full tracked,articultated,lhd,BV202E.1967. Army code 22166.

Commer,3ton,4x4,gs. 17823. Nov1963.

Commer,3 ton,4x2,cl,cargo,Q4.W.O.code17622.Pub no.394.

Commer,3 ton,4x2,cl,cargo,QX5.W.O.code17623.

Commer,15cwt,4x2,cl,fitted for wireless.Q2.W.O.Code17720.

Chevrolet 3 ton, 4x4.Covers models. C-60s and C-60L.Dated 1943.86 sides.

Chevrolet.Operation and care. 1941. Covers.AK,AL,YR,YS,YT,YU,YV,YW.Over 70 sides.

DAF.4 tonne,4x4,GS.(all variants).Operating Information.AESP 2320-H-104-201.April 1990.

Dodge.15cwt.4x2. 128" W.B.  Drivers handbook. .D15-HB1.

Dodge 3ton. 4x2. 160" W.B. Drivers handbook. D60L-HB1.

Eager Beaver.MK1.Army code no.60250.User handbook. Aug 1970.90 Sides.

Fordson WOT.1.3 ton 6 whld chassis.Drivers handbook.Aug 1940.28 sides.

Fordson 2/3ton,4/6 ton and 6 wheelers.Instruction book.April 1942.70 sides.

Ford E3,truck,3ton,binned,gs,Ford E2,ambulance,gs,4 stretcher,tractor,gs,3ton,LAA,4x4,FordE4.Feb1954.

Ford 15cwt.4x2 (101" w.b.)Drivers handbook.F15.HB1.Oct 1943.119 sides.

Ford 3 ton 4x4 F60L-HB1.(W).(158 1/4 ' w.b.) and Ambulance. V8.Drivers handbook. Also includes information on special cold weather equipment. Dates Aug 1943.

Ford Reference book. Trucks all models. 1940.Produced by the Ford motor company of Canada. Information for both left and right hand drive vehicles. Covers V8 engine. Covers owners responsibilities, driving the truck,engine,starting the engine, engine trouble on the road,wheels, lighting systems, etc.A little bit of everything.79 pages.

Ford Truck 6 cylinder.Reference book.1942. 63 sides.

Guy.Petrol-electric.War office chassis.Instruction book.Contract V3492.

Guy Ant. War office chassis. Contract T.8103. Instruction book.

Guy Ant. War office chassis. Contract V.3504. Instruction book.

Humber 1 ton,4x4,MK1,Cargo,FFW, and winch models.W.O.Code no.12515.May 1959.

International Truck.K6,KS6.K7.KS7,K8,KR8,KS8,K10,KR10,KR11.Instruction manual.Over 30 sides.

Land Rover,1 tonne,FFR and GS.Army code no.22260.Jan 1975.User handbook.

Land Rover. VPK. Truck utility lightly armoured protected. Operating Information. AESP 2320-D-127-201. Oct 1992.

Land Rover. 110. 12 volt V8 engine vehicles. Truck utility medium. User handbook. AESP 1990-S-3031/2/3/4.

Morris commercial Series 111 vehicles.

Morris MRA1.1 ton truck,4x4,Cargo, Water.W.O.Code no.17802.Feb 1953.126 sides.

Morris Commercial. CS8,15cwt,4x2,office,gs,aircompressor,wireless. C4/WT,4x2,wireless,C4/AC air compressor.

Morris Commercial.Tractor (4x4).F.A. C/8.(Mark 11 and Mark 111),Chassis 30cwt (4x4) C9/B, Lorry 30 cwt (4x4)AT Portee C/8 (Mark 11 and Mark 111), Tractor (4x4) AT C/8 (Mark 11 and Mark 111), Tractor (4x4) AT C8/P. Drivers handbook. Book no. 100/ML1B.

Morris Commercial.15 cwt,4x4,GS,Wireless,Light warning,Air compressor.No.100/ML5A.84 pages.

Morris Commercial.CV 30cwt to 70cwt.Instruction book.May 1941.143 sides.

Morris-Commercial.F.V.12/5.3 ton,4x2,c.l.,office,cargo.WO Code 17616.1951.Over 80 sides.

Pinzgauer.Turbo D. Owners manual.

Pinzgauer. PPV. Vector. TUM. (Heavy duty). Operating Information. AESP 2320-D-503-201. 1st edition. March 2007.

Reynolds Boughton.4x4. All variants. AESP 2320-E-200-201. Operating Information.

Transportable container,truck mounting,1 ton. Army Code 13979.Dec.1967.

Thornycroft.Instruction book,tractor,4x4,medium,TF/B80.W.O.Code 17610.Over 35 sides.

Thornycroft,10 ton,6x4 for semi trailer,g.s.,cargo.W.O.Code18366.July 1956.

Thornycroft Sturdy. ZS/TC4. Drivers handbook. 1942.

Thames 25/35cwt,2/3 ton,4/6ton,Surrey,Sussex and six wheelers.Instruction book.July 1943.79 sides.

Unimog 404.Mercedes Benz.Instruction Manual.Jan 1979.


AEC.0859.Tipping 3 way, cargo, fuel tanker.6x4.User handbook. W.O.Code no.17838.

AEC. 0859. Tractor, GS, 16 ton, HAA, 6x4. WO Code No.17822. Nov 1953. User handbook.

AEC. 0860. Tractor, GS, Cargo, Semi trailer, 6x6. Army code no18375. Dec, 1957.

AEC. 0860. 10 ton truck, 6x6, MK1. Truck cargo, with winch, bridging. User handbook. Army code no. 20800. May 1963.

A.E.C. Tractor, 4x4 Medium. Matador, Model 0853-C.I. Engine. Air pressure brakes. 1944.

A.E.C. Tractor,4x4.Medium.Matador.Model 0853.Air pressure assisted hydraulic brakes. March 1943.

A.E.C. Recovery Vehicle Wheeled,Medium,6x6.Militant. MK3.22214.1982.

Austin 3 ton,lorry,model K3,Ambulance 4 stretcher,4x2,heavy,model k2.

Austin 3ton, 6x4, GS. Model K6.

Austin 3 ton, 6x4. GS.Crane Turntable,Breakdown,RAF signals, Bomb platform and bus type.Pub no.2220.Feb 1944.

Austin W.D. 3 ton lorry. Contract V/4677. Publication no. 2009.

Bedford.8 tonne,cargo,4x4,w/winch,flat platform,w/2t crane,tipper,lhd. AESP2320-L-701-201. July 1980.

Bedford. 14 tonne. 6x6. All variants. AESP 2320-P-700-201. Operating information.

Bedford MK, 4 ton, 4x4, cargo. 5029 22211.1970.T.S.1007

Bedford MK, 4 ton, 4x4, cargo. 5029 22211.1970.Reprint May 1978.T.S1007/1.

Bedford TJ petrol engine. 214cu, 300cu. Instruction book. Oct 1971. T.S.915/6.

Bedford TJ petrol engine. 214cu, 300cu.Covers TJ normal control. Instruction book. Jan 1966. T.S.742/3.

Bedford TK.Diesel engine.220.330.466.Instruction book. Oct 1975. T.S.1091/3.

Commer CB.4 1/2 ton,cargo, cargo with winch.Army code 20904.1965.

Crane truck mounted,6 ton,KL66,MK5,on chassis,10 ton,GS,Crane Carrier 6x4,A.E.C.W.O.Code11912.April 1957.

Crane road mobile 6 ton-KL 66 mk3, and crane road mobile 4 ton-KL 66 mk4.W.O.Code11254.Sept 1956.

DAF,YA 4440,YAL 4440,YAK 4440.Feb 1978.119 sides.

Diamond T. 980/C6N and 981/C6N. Tractor, 50 ton, GS,6x4. User handbook. WO Code No. 18385. Issued July 1958.

Foden.16 tonne, 6x4, 8x4. Army Code No. 22273. Dated 1975. User handbook.

Foden,body,cargo,16 tonne,8x4.Marshall.Army code no.22278.1976.

Foden,6x6.Wheeled GS. Recovery vehicle. Operating Information. AESP 2320-N-502-201. 2nd Edition. Nov 1990.

Foden, 6x6, Tractor Limber.GS,FH70.10 tonne. With crane. Army code No.24015. Dated 1978.User handbook.

Ford. WOT6 and WOT8. 4x4 GS. Drivers handbook. Book No.100/FD2.

GMC.(APV2). Armoured patrol truck. 4x4, 6.5 ltr. Diesel. Operating Instructions. AESP 2320-K-200-201. 1st edition . May 1999.

Leyland DAF. Load handling. (Drops). 15 tonne, 8x6, LHD, MMLC. Operating Information. AESP 2320-R-301-201. December 1989.Including amendments Nos 1 to 11.

Leyland Martian. 6x6. 10ton, CT, Cargo,  MK1. W.O.Code 11779. April 1957.

Leyland.Martian. 6x6.  Recovery Vehicle. W.O.Code No. 13621. June 1962.

Leyland 6x6, MK1. Tractor, 10 ton, CT, Med Arty. Feb 1958. Army code no. 12239.User handbook

Leyland,19H/1E, and 19H/3E,10 ton 6x4,Chassis.Refuellers, trucks,tractors, dumpers. Issued Dec 1961. Air publication 4492A.

Leyland 'Hippo' MK11 and MK11A.Lorry 10 ton,6x4,g.s.Aug 1945.Pub no. 100/LD2A.

Leyland 'Hippo'.MK2,MK2A,MK2B.10 ton,GS,6x4.W.O.Code no.18427.May 1962.

Seddon Atkinson,CL38 tonne.Tractor Wheeled.(All variants).Operating Information.AESP2320-T-305-201.Oct 1995.

Scammell.S26.Tractor.Wheeled,Semi trailer,60 tonne GCW,6x4, w/full trailer attachments. Operating Information. AESP 2320-V-100-201. Dec 1984.

Scammell/EKA.Recovery vehicle,wheeld,CL,6x4.Army code.24020.1979.Over 70 sides.

Scammell Commander.6x4 LHD.Tractor wheeled.Semi trailer.AESP 2320-V-501-201. Dec 1983.Op Info.

Stalwart. HMLC. MK1 and MK2. User handbook. Army code no.22156.1968.Part one Data. Part Two Operation. Part Three Driver Servicing. Part four Servicing schedule. Part Five Destruction of equipment. Over 227 pages. Also contains supplement One,HMLC MK2 FV623(Artillery Limber).

Thornycroft tractor GS,10 ton,6x4,for semi trailer.W.O.Code no.18366.July 1956.User handbook.

Thornycroft Antar.60 ton GS for semi trailer. 50 ton,GS,6x4.WO Code no.17769.May 1955.

Thornycroft Nubian. TF/B80.Civilian.Instruction book.32 sides.

Vickers Vigor,Tractor,Crawler Size 1. Angledozer,hydraulic,cable control unit,VGRCU,Winch,single drum,VGTW.1959.User handbook.195 sides.


Abbot gun,Self propelled 105mm.Abbott (FV433).Part1.Vehicle,Part2,fighting compartment,Part3,communications,Part4,servicing schedule,guide to inspection,tools and stowage sketches.Part5,Ammunition. Army code no.14311.1965.Over 500 sides.

AT105.Armoured personnel carrier.


Centurion MK 1 and 11. WO Code no.1881.First edition.1948.Meteor MK1v or 1vA. 285 sides.

Centurion,MK2.Tank,ARV,1958.Army code no. 12234. 114 sides.

Centurion Mk.3.1953.W.O.Code 10538.First edition.140 sides.

Centurion. tank, medium, gun. MK3,5 and 6. Dated 1953. Army code No.10538. Reprinted 1965 with amendments 1 to 14. Also amendments 15 to 21.

Centurion.MK7 and 8.W.O.Code no.11653.Dated 1958.

Centurion, Tank, Med gun,MK7 to 10. 1958. W.O.Code 11653.Dated 1958, with 1962 amendments. Over 280 sides.

Centurion,ARK,Centurion,MK5.1966.Army code no.14486.165 sides.

Centurion, beach, ARV, (VHF). WO Code No. 13103. Dated 1960. Reprinted 1961 with amendment No.1.

Centurion. MK5, Tank, gun, dozer. WO code No.13081. Dated 1961. Reprinted 1963 with amendments 1 to 3.

Centurion.MK5.Bridgelayer.1962.Army code No.13382. User handbook.


Challenger tank.120mm Gun. Operating Information. 2350-P-100-201. June 1983.

Combat Engineer Tractor.Army code 61006. Nov 1990.User handbook

Combat Engineer Tractor,Tracked,Amphibian.Operating information.Incorporating Ammendments No.1 and 2.AESP 2350-T-310-201.


Covenanter II,Covenanter III and Covenanter IV and Covenanter II CS,Covenanter III CS and Covenanter IV CS.Instruction book.Produced by LMS Railways.Dated 1942.

Cruiser tank,MKV and CS Mark V.Instruction book.Produced by LMS Railways,first edition.1941.


Chieftain. Mk1 to MK3. 120mm gun, tank. User handbook. Army code No. 14908.  Dated 1966. Incorporating amendments no 1 to12.Dated 1977.

Chieftain Mk5.Gun tank 120mm.Userhand book. Army code no.61034.1973.Incorporating Amendments 1,2 and 3. Also amendments 4 to 9, date 1990.

Chieftain MK7. Armoured repair and recovery vehicle.Chieftain MK5 Armoured recovery vehicle. Army code no. 61117.Dec 1984.

Chieftain. Armoured Recovery Vehicle.FV4204.User handbook 11975.Army code no. 6117.Over 220 sides.

Chieftain Armoured Vehicle Launcher Bridge. FV4205. Part 1. Bridge launcher. Part 2. Tank Bridge No.8 and Operation. Part 3 Tank bridge No.9 and operation. Part 4. Semi trailer. User handbook. 1974. Army code no. 60248.

Cheiftain.Ordnance,BL 120mm.TK.,LIIA5 and LIIA7.User handbook.Army code no.14559.Dated 1976.



CVRT.Army code no.60960.Covers all the main CVR(T) variants,stowage diagrams.

CVRT (D). Samson. Operating Information. AESP 2350-N-120-201. 2nd edition July 2008.

CVR(T)(D). Striker. Operating Information. With ammendment 1 to 3. AESP 2350-V-110-201.December 2003.

CVRT.(D). Operating instructions. Common items. AESP2350-T-220-201. Dec 2003.1st Edition.

CVRT.(D). Operating instructions. Common items. AESP2350-T-220-201. 2nd Edition March 2006.

CVR(W).Fox.User handbook..Illustrated.1973.

CVR(W)Vixen.U/H for troop trials.1973.U4037.Over 100 sides.

Shielder. Carrier, Full tracked, Vehicle Launched Scatterable Mine System (VLSMS). Operating Information. AESP 2350-T-125-201. August 1998.



Cromwell tank. VII. Handbook. Chilwell Cat.No.62/736. First edition Jan 1945.

Churchill infantry tank.Drivers handbook.T.S.167/3.August 1942.

Churchill tank. Covers mks 3 to 8. Feb 1945.

Churchill MK7. Tank AVRE. Including dozer blade assembly and fascine cradle. User handbook. WO Code No. 12274. 1958.


Conqueror.MK1. Tank. ARV. Note for users. WO Code 17832. April 1956

Conqueror.MK1 and 2. Tank. ARV.  User handbook.  WO Code 11323. 1959.

Conqueror.MK1 and 2. Tank.  Heavy gun.  User handbook.  WO Code 12065. 1958.


Daimler I and II.Armoured car. Handbook.No.60/117.First edition dated 1945.Over 300 sides.More than a handbook.A very nice publication.With lubricating chart insert.Coverspowerunit,transmission,suspension,steering,brakes,electrical equipment,hull,turret,weapons and gun mountings.Divided into two sections,section one covers operation maintenance and adjustment, section two gives a detailled description of the moving parts.

Daimler Dingo, Scout car, liason,  MK.2,2w/t and 3. 12858. 1960.

Daimler Scout Car, MK II and II W/T. Service instruction book. Jan 1942.

Daimler Scout MK.I.Instruction book.Early 4 wheel steer dingo.1940.39 sides.

Daimler Ferret. All marks.User handbook.MK1 and MK2. 1957.

Daimler Ferret. All marks. User handbook. Army code no.12174.1969.


FV432.MK2 and 2/1.User handbook. Army code no.14693.Dated 1965.With ammendments 1 to 21.Oct 1979.

FV432,Carrier,personnel,fulltracked,MK1andMK1/1.User handbook.1963.Army code no.14168.

FV434.Maintenance carrier. Army code no. 14811.1967.Reprinted 1972 including amendments 1 and 2.

FV438.Carrier mounted, guided missile launcher. Provisional notes.1968.125 sides.

FV438. Full tracked. Carrier, launcher GW "Swingfire". User handbook. Army code no. 60329. Dated 1969.

FV432,MK3, FV436 MK3 and FV439, MK3. Operating Information. AESP 2350-T-255-201. September 2005.



Howitzer.B.L.155mm.L8A1.Part 1 vehicle, Part 2 Armament.W.O.Code12318.Sept 1958.

Humber Armoured car.MK111.Instruction book. Publication no.1293. March 1942.

Humber MK 111. Car, 4 wheeled. FWD, Light reconnaissance. Maintenance manual and instruction book. Book no. 101/HR1.April 1942.

Humber truck,1 ton Armoured.4x4.With winch,FFW. Army code no.12246. Feb 1960.With amendments 1 to 4.

Jackal. MWMIK. Truck high mobility. 4x4. DSL. Operating information. AESP 2320-D-106-201. June 2008. 1st edition.

M74.Medium tank recovery. Operation and organizational maintenance.TM9-7402.Jan 1956.over 500 sides.

Oxford Carier, MK1. User handbook. WO Code No. 1884. Dated 1948. Reprinted in 1953 Incorporating ammendments No.s 1 to 5.

Panther Command and Liason vehicle (TES). Operating Information. AESP 2320-P-350-201. July 2009.

Saracen Mk1-6. Army code.61335.150 sides.

Saladin, Armoured car,MK2.12232.1958.Incorporating amendments 1 to 10. 1970.

Saladin Armoured cars.The application of fire.The technique of shooting from AFV's.Part four. Feb 1967. 9650.

Saxon,All variants.Carrier,personnel,wheeled.Operating information.2320-X-100-201.Sept 1985.

Saxon,All variants.Carrier,personnel,wheeled.Purpose and planning information.2320-X-100-101.Sept 1988.

Self propelled.M107,175mm.Gun.part 1.General instructions.24 sides.Army code no.60294.pt1

Self propelled.M107,175mm.Gun.part 5.Communication(Clansman).Army code no.60294.pt5.

Sexton.25 Pr .S.P. Operators manual. Sept 1943. Canadian Edition.

Stormer. High Velocity Missile (HVM) System and Troop Reconnaissance Vehicle (TRV). Operating Information. AESP 2350-T-110-201. 3rd Edition.

TM9-2350-201-12.76mm gun full tracked combat tanks.M41 and M41A1.July 1958.753 sides.

Tactica Van IEDD 4x4. Operating Information. AESP 2320-B-300-201. Sept 1999.

Warrior. MCV 80. Operating Information. AESP 2350-T-200-201.Common items.

Warrior. Electrical system. SEME Ref noG3/38.Wiring diagrams, trouble shooting etc. Dated 1988.

Warrior Precis. June 1987.11 Chapters. Line drawings , a nice rounded view of the vehicle. Over 90 sides.

Warrior. Combat vehicle tracked. Common items. Operating instructions.2350-T-200-201.July 1987

Warrior. Combat vehicle tracked,30mm gun.FV501.Operating Information. 2350-T-201-201.July 1987.

Warrior 30mm. Infantry Command. Operating information. AESP 2350-T-202-201.Nov 1988.Plus amendments No.1 July 1990.

Windsor carrier. MK1. Operators manual. WC-OM2. Dated Feb 1945.

Valentine II and III, Scorpion. Service Instruction book. 1st edition. January 1944.


Caterpillar.D4 tractor. Operation and maintenance Instructions. Serial Number 6U1-UP 7U1-UP.

Wheelbarrow MK 8B system. AESP 1385-B-111-201. Operating information.

Michigan, light earth moving wheeled tractor. 75 DS, MK2, 2/1, 2/2 and 2/3. Back Acter, Sherman, Model F9. 1961. WO Code No. 13285. User handbook.

Volvo 4400. Tractor wheeled, medium, earth moving and rough terrain, forklift. Operating Information. AESP 2420-G-103-201. Jan 1985.

International Harvester B100.Operators manual. Army code no.22208.1972.

Light assault floating bridge (class 30) and light assault ferry. July 1955.W.O.Code no. 10977.

VT-Fd.Portable Compressors with Ford diesel engines.Intruction book.VT3,VT4 and VT5.

Vickers Vigor Crawler tractor.Size 1 with ancillaries.W.O.Code no.20717.

Pegson power rammer. Instruction sheet.

Pegson instructions for type ER2 power rammer.

Pegson type ER2. List of parts.


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