Maintenance Manuals...


Vehicle Handbooks

AEC.Merryweather.Diesel fire engine. Regent MK111 chassis.Maint and service manual.

Bedford.Model S.Instruction book.T.S.283/6.Feb 1953.101 sides.

Bedford. Model SH. Special appliance chassis. 1953.

Bedford. Model SH.Fire engine chassis. 1952.

Bedford.Instruction book.Model RLH.Special appliance and fire tender chassis.ts.332/3.Feb 1956.

ERF. Operation and maintenance manual. Fire appliance vehicles. 84RS and 84PF.

ERF. Fire appliance. Maintenance and repair manual. Type B water tender, with all steel bodywork.

Merryweather hydraulic turntable ladder. Operating and instructions and manual.

Simon hydraulic platform. SS85. Instruction book.



Dennis 350/500 Gall. Trailer pump. Instructions for operation, maintenance and dismantling.

Godiva. Lightweight portable fire pump. Description and operating instructions.

Godiva.Fire pump. Maintenance schedule. August 1981. AESP4210-J-700-601.

Godiva.Portable fire pump.GP1600 Model.Operating Instructions.

Godiva. trailer fire fighter. FF.500g.p.m. Description and operating instructions.


Sigmund fire pump.F.N.5 900 G.P.M.General descriptions and operating instructions.

Sigmund fire pump.F.N.5 900 G.P.M.Including pipework and ancillary items as fitted to the Home office type Bedford S.P.Appliance.Illustrated parts list.W.B.16.




Manual of Firemanship. A survey of the science of firefighting. Part 2.Appliances.1944.

Manual of Firemanship. A survey of the science of firefighting. Part 2. Appliances. 1965.

TNT.Drill book for emergency fire appliances and equipment.First published in 1960.An excellent little book telling of drils,communications,mobile fire columns,knots,signals,tests,glossary of terms.130 sides.

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