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Alvis 4.Light armoured vehicle. Maintenance schedule.AFVP1239.

Landrovers 1/4,1/2,and 3/4 ton(all marks). 60957.1983.

Land Rover. 90/110/127, excluding APV,SAS, 127 Ambulance. Maint schedule.2330-D-122-601.

Car,Utility ,4x4,LandRover Discovery,All variants. Maintenance schedule. 2320-D-126-601. 1991.

 Austin Champ. 13055. Oct 1960.Servicing schedule.

Rover, all marks.including ambulance.Mk's 1 to 11.Army code,60139.1967.

Austin 1800 car.W.O.Code 16189.1968.

Morris,car ,utillity,4x2,1000,traveller and saloon.Army code.60185.1968.

Supacat MK2.Carrier,Utility,Wheeled all Terrain,Mobile platform,6x6 Supacat.Maintenance schedule.AESP 2320-B-102-601.May 1988.


Austin K9,truck,1 ton,g.s.4x4.W.O.Code 13046.1960.

Bedford RL, truck 3 ton, 4x4. 14685-1. 1966.

Bedford 4 ton 4x4 MK. (All roles).Army code No.60682.Revised 1978.

Bedford TK,CL,Series S, 4x2.Maintenance schedule.AESP.2320-H-101-601.Feb 1986.

Commer Q4,truck 3 ton.G.S. 4x4.W.O.Code 13616.1962.

Land Rover.Forward Control,1 Tonne.4x4 Rover.(V8).Maintenance Schedule.1989.Army code no.61287.

Morris J and JU seris. Army code no.13619.1969.

Renault Extra. 1.6 litre diesel,van 1/4 ton.All variants. Maintenance schedule. 2320-F-100-601. 1993.

Reynolds Boughton. Truck Utility Heavy. (TUH). 4x4, All Variants. Maintenance schedule. AESP 2320E200601. Sept 1990.


AEC, truck/tractor.10 ton.W.O.Code 14007. 1963.

AEC. MK3.Recovery Vehicle,Wheeled,Medium.60608.1970.

Albion 10 ton.W.O.Code 13731.1962.

Bedford 8ton, 4x4 Truck. All variants. Maintenance service. AESP2320-L-701-601.

GMC DUKW. British Army.

GMC.(APV2). Armoured patrol truck. 4x4, 6.5 ltr. Diesel. Maintenace Schedule. AESP 2320-K-200-601. Sept 1999.

Humber 1 ton. Cargo and armoured. WO Code 13068. Servicing schedule. Oct. 1960.

Leyland DAF. Load handling. (Drops). 15 tonne, 8x6, LHD, MMLC. Maintenance schedule. AESP 2320-R-301-601. 4th Edition. Aug 2010.

Leyland DAF truck, load handling (DROPS) 15 tonne, 8x6, LHD,MMLC.AESP 2320-R-301-601. 2nd Edition. Jan 1995.

Leyland DAF truck, 4 tonne, 4x4, GS.All variants. AESP 2320-H-104-601. 2nd Edition. March 1991.

Scammell recovery tractor.10 ton,6x6.W.O.Code 13453.1961.

Scammell  tractor.20 ton,6x6.Constructor.Army Code 14481.1964

Stalwart. MK/1 and MK.2.Army code 14959.

Thornycroft.Truck 10 ton GS cargo.18ft 6x4.Tractor 10 ton GS for semi trailer 6x4.Army code no.14808.1966.

Tactica. Glover Webb.All variants. 4x4, IEDD. Maintenance schedule. March 1999.

Armour.(wheeled and tracked)

 Centurion Tank beach armoured recovery vehicle.Army code no.14265.Dated July 1987.

Centurion MK2.Tank ARV 11933.1983./11933 1957.

Centurion. MKs 3 and 5. Servicing schedule. WO Code No. 11628. April 1956.

Centurion MK5. Tank bridgelayer. Servicing schedule. 1962.

Combat engineer tractor (CET)FV180.AESP 2350-T-310-601.Jan 1998.

Comet Tank. Servicing schedule. WO Code No. 11431. 1955.

Chieftain tank,120mm gun.All marks.Army code no.61243.Revised 1984.

Challenger tank.120mm. Maintenance schedule. AESP 2350-P-100-601. Aug 1994.

CVRW Fox FV721. CVR(W).Army code No.61176.April 1987.

CVRT.Diesel Variant. Maintenance Schedule.AESP.2350-T-220-601.April 2005

CVRT FV101 Scorpion.Army Code 60996.1982.

CVRT FV102 Striker.Army code 61402.Revised 1983.

CVRT FV103.Spartan.Army code 61294.Revised 1983.

CVRT FV104.Samaritan.Army code no 61767.Sept 1983.

CVRT FV105.Sultan.Army code no.61621.May 1983.

CVRT. FV106. Samson. Army code no. 61959. Jan 1984.

CVRT FV107 Scimitar.Army code 61230.Revised 1986.

Ferret.MK1 and MK2.All variants. Maintenance schedule. AC14000.

Daimler Ferret MK1. Servicing schedule. WO Code No. 10836. 1954.

Daimler Armoured car. MKs 1 and 2. Servicing schedule. WO Code No. 11568. Feb 1956.

FV432.Carrier personnel full tracked.MK2 and MK2/1.Army Code No.14653.1984.

FV432. Mk2 and MK 2/1. Amy code no. 14653.Oct 1971.With illustrations.

FV432.ordnance 30mm gun fitted to FV432.All marks.Army code 61195.

FV 434.Carrier Maintenance full tracked.MK1 and 1/1. Army code no.60092.

FV432.Bulldog 2 and FV436.Bulldog 6. Maintenance Instructions. AESP 2350-T-255-522. September 2005.

Jackal. MWMIK. Truck high mobility. 4x4. DSL. Maintenance Schedule. Joint service.. AESP 2320-D-106-601. June 2008. 1st edition.

Halftrack. International M5. WO Code No.11215. June 1955. Servicing schedule.

Saxon,Carrier wheeled personnel.AESP.2320-X-100-601.April 1984.

Saladin MK2.Armoured car.FV601.Army code.14963.1977.

Stormer. High Velocity Missile (HVM) System and Troop Reconnaissance Vehicle (TRV). Maintenance Schedule. AESP 2350-T-110-601. 6th Edition.

Warrior.30mm gun.FV510.AESP 2350-T-201-601.Maint schedule.June 1987.


Triumph. TRW MK.3.500cc,Twin cylinder side valve. 14322.. July 1964.

BSA B40 MK1.343cc single cylinder,O.H.V.Army Code 60093.1967.

Armstrong, Motorcycle,General purpose, Maintenance schedule. 2340-M-101-601. Aug 1992.


1 ton, two wheeled. All types. Dec 1978.

1/2 ton, two wheeled. FV 2300 series.13158. 1960.

Arrows.1 3/4 ton. Cargo body.FV2408. Maintenance schedule. Plus Ammendments No.s 1 and 2. AESP 2330-F-100-601. September 1995.

Field cooker,outfit No.4.mk2,trailer mounted.maint schedule.7360-J-100-601.Jan1985.

10.5 tonne,high mobility trailer.2330-M-900-601.

Sankey MK1. Semi trailer, 60 ton, TK. TPTR., 8 twin - WH. WO Code No. 10986. Servicing schedule. Oct 1954.


Eagle MK.111.Servicing manual.T.S.D.3011.Oct 1977.


Volvo 4400. Tractor wheeled, medium, earth moving and rough terrain, forklift. Maintenance schedule. AESP 2420-G-103-601. March 1988.

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