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charging sets-generators-operating instructions-cookers-mine detectors-lecture notes-replacement parts-Fire related publications-Artillery Meterological system (AMETS)......

Vocabulary of Army Stores

Vocabulary of Army Stores.Section LV6/MT1 VOL.1.Misc.Items.W.O.Code12550.Nov 1960.77 sides.

Vocabulary of Army Stores.Section LV6/MT1 VOL.2.Part one,proprietary single items.Part two, proprietary assemblies showing schedule number of proprietary parts list to be issued when demanding component parts.W.O.Code11423.Nov 1956.over 500 sides.

Vocabulary of Army Stores.Section LV6/MT3.Part one,single items,horns,electric lamps,filament lamps,lamp glasses,mirrors,plugs and sockets.W.O.Code11251.Oct.1955.123 sides.

Vocabulary of Army Stores.Section LV6/MT4.Common electrical stores for mechanical transport.Part one-proprietary and non-proprietary single items,Part two-proprietary assemblies showing schedule numbers of proprietary parts list.W.O.Code11530.Nov 1956.over 357 sides

Vocabulary of Army Stores.Section LV6/MT6.Rubber hose,sheet,strip and tyre repair materials.W.O.Code11527.June 1956.over 12 sides

Vocabulary of Army Stores.Section LV6/MT7.Bearings,ball and roller.W.O.Code11508.July 1956.over 105 sides.

Vocabulary of Army Stores.Section LV6/MT8.contact breakers,couplings,distributors,dynamos,filter units,ignition coils,ignition harness,magdynos,magnetos.W.O.Code11216.Aug 1955.over 107 sides!

Vocabulary of Army Stores.Section LV6/MT12.Items applicable to the fuel systems of compression ignition and internal combustion engines.W.O.Code10852.Nov 1954.305 sides.

Vocabulary of Army Stores.Section X2.Generating plant (up to 50 kw/62.5 Kva).Electric conversion plant and general electrical equipment.Army code no.14729.June 1970.

Vocabulary of Army Ordnance Stores.Section T.T1 Infantry and common user items.T2 Armoured fighting vehicle items. T3 Air defense and Royal artillery items. T4 Army air corps, chemical and anti riot items. T5 Demolition explosives.Mines,mine clearance and AVRE items. T6 Guided missiles and free flight rockets, T7 guided missiles,inert items, T8 conventional ammunition inert items, T9 Packages conventional and GW, T10 Conventional and GW inert items. Army code no 60628.Revised 1974.

Vocabulary of Army Ordnance Stores.Section V. V3 Flash spotting, sound ranging and R.A. survey stores. V4 Fire control,equipments and associated stores for anti aircraft.V5 Fire control instruments and associated stores specially designed for these instruments. V6 Fire equipment and optical stores used with or as part of equipment in two or more sections in the 'V' series. V7 Test equipment specially designed for fire control equipments and instruments. Army code no. 15680. Revised 1970.

Catalogue of Ordnance Stores and ammunition.

Catalogue of Ordnance Stores and ammunition.Section CA.Tailors Tools.Cloth and trimmings.Army code no.14946.1983.

Catalogue of Ordnance Stores and ammunition.Section W10. Magnetic compasses,drawing and optical instruments,watches,survey,hydrographic survey and under water sound equipment.Army code no.14994.Revised 1984.

Catalogue of Ordnance Stores and ammunition.Section U. Ammunition maintenance and repair shop specialised equipment.Army code no.14863. 1984.

Catalogue of Ordnance Stores and ammunition.Section LV12. Bicycles and components.Army code no.61420.1981.

Joint service Publications

Joint Service handbook of tentage.Lots of pictures of British Army tents.Wonderful. JSP 361March 1981.

Joint Service Catalogue of tyres,tubes,valves,wheels,tyres and wheel ancillaries. (less Aircraft).JSP 134.1979.

Data Books

American,army vehicle identification numbers.Covers G,M and T numbers.Approx 180 sides.

Data book.Canadian manufactured modified coventional vehicles and trailers.Covers vehicles,chassis,engines,bodies and trailers..

Vehicle Data book.Canadian Army overseas.Armoured tracked vehicles,Armoured wheeled vehicles,B vehicles and trailers.December 1944.gives operationals roles,body details,performance,engine details,tire details,weights and dimensions, publications applying.Good book, lots of information.

Data book of War Dept. G.S. "B"Vehicles.W.O.Code 12710.August 1960.

General Mechanical care and maintenance

Alvis Stalwart.HMLC.Operating hints 1972.Army code 22234.Covers drivers checks,starting drill,moving off,laden and unladen running,winching,fording and swimming,time mileage servicing.

Bedford.sixteen tasks.W.D.Vehicles.K.M.O.

Spark ignition engine technology.For vehicle mechanic initial students.july 1983.School of REME.

Technical training in the Army cadet force. 1945.Code no.7008.

Salisbury.Technical data. for Salisbury hypoid rear axles.21sides.

General principles of M.T. March 1945.

Manual of Army Ordnance.Services Volume 2. Pamphlet No14.Vehicle units and depots.14810. 1966.

Waterproofing regulations,Vehicles and equipment, EMER General J300.March 92.covers waterproofing aspects of amphibious operations,waterproofing materials and their usage,waterproofing and its effects on servicing and repair,driving of waterproofed equipments and beach recovery and treatment of drowned vehicles after recovery.

Standard procedures for changing engines and major assembles in 'A' vehicles in the field.Jan 1960.Covers,Centurion,Conqueror,Saraceen final drivers.Enquire.

MVEE Specification 666.Pretreatment and painting of vehicles engineer equipment and components.1982.

Equipment Regulations

Equipment Regulations.1960.No.10.Prep for movement of A,B,C vehicles by rail,road and sea. 12907.

Equipment Regulations.1959.No.9.Marking and painting vehicles, army aircraft and equipment. 12473.

Equipment Regulations.1955.No.15.Standing orders for operations of plant and 'c' vehicles. 11604.

Royal Army Ordanance Corps.Statistics.1957.Pamphlet No.5.Weights and measurements of 'A','B' and'C' vehicles. 1959.W.O.Code12106-1.

Mechanical Training.

Mechanical Vehicle Training. Volume 1. Driver training, wheeled vehicles. Part IV Advanced driver training. 8675. 1951.

Mechanical Vehicle Training. Volume 1. Driver training, wheeled vehicles. Part I Introduction to driver training and training organisation. 8672. 1951..

Mechanical Vehicle Training. Volume 1. Driver training, wheeled vehicles. Part I! Training the driver, class 111 8673. 1951..

Mechanical Vehicle Training. Volume 1. Driver training, wheeled vehicles. Part III Training the driver, class IV in servicing and documentation. 8674. 1952..

Driver Training

Driver training.(All arms).Volume 1.Wheeled Vehicles.Part 1. The organization of driver training. Army code no.70119.1965.

Driver training.(All arms).Volume 1.Wheeled Vehicles.Part 2.Basic driver training. Army code no.70120.1965.

Driver training.(All arms).Volume 1.Wheeled Vehicles.Part 3. Trade training for the driver class 3,2, and 1. Army code no.70121.1965.

Driver training.(All arms).Volume 1.Wheeled Vehicles.Part 4. Rules of the British Army motoring association. Army code no.70122.1965.

Driver training.(All arms).Volume 1.Wheeled Vehicles.Part 5. The training of motor cyclists. Army code no.70123.1965.

Driver training.(All arms).Volume 1.Wheeled Vehicles.Part 6. Rules of the Army motoring cycling association. Army code no.70124.1965.

Driver training.(All arms).Volume 1.Wheeled vehicles.Part II.Basic driver training. Army Code.70936.Nov 1973.

Driver training (All arms)Volume 11.Electrical and Mechanical Principles of Tracked and Wheeled vehicles. 1966. March 1966.Army code 70161.Supersedes mechanical vehicle training volume 11,general principles of tracked and wheeled vehicles 1953(w.o.code no.8791).Mechanical vehicle training volume 11,supplement no.1 advanced notes (w.o.code no.8792).Mechanical vehicle training volume 11,supplement no.2,advanced notes(w.o.code no.8793).

Inspection Maintenance

Inspection maintenance and care of B vehicles.1945.Based on the task system.

Inspection maintenance and care of Army vehicles (wheeled). 1943.Based on the task system.

Inspection of A,B and C vehicles.EMER A028.May 1968.

Armour Related

'A' Vehicles modification index. Covers Chieftain,Centurion,FV430 series, Scorpion,Stalwart,Ferret,Saladin,Saracen, SPM107, SPM109 and M578. Interesting publication this. It gives EMER number, date, and subject.

Abbot. L109.Gun drill and gun equipment 105mm.86 sides. Army code no.70602.1978.plus 1991 ammendments.

AEC MKII.Armoured car.5Ft wading instructions. Provisional edition for use at large scale trials only.First edition.May 1945.

AFV recognition. Part II.July, 1943.Enemy turreted AFVs.1943.German Armour.......

AFV recognition Instructors guide.Warsaw pact. 9662.1960. Covers tanks, apc's etc.

Cromwell and Centaur. Power unit and electrical systems. Extract from Emer and parts list.

Daimler Scout Car.Vehicle Training Pamphlet.Royal Armoured Corps.Publications Section.1st edition.Over 200 sides.

Comet 1.Vehicle training pamphlet. March 1947.  Over 418 sides.

Guide for Armour leaders. The armoured school, Fort knox, Kentucky. 1 Jan 1955.

Rescue of crewmans from AFV's.Sept 1979.covers,Chieftain,CVRT range,Fox and Ferret scout car.

REME wartime lecture notes. Hydraulic power traverse on wartime tanks,scout car mk2 and mk2w/t general spec, Maybach gearbox(Scammel), universal carriers, Wright whirlwind engine and continental red seal engines, Nuffield liberty engine, Rolls meteor engine, Bedford 12 cylinder opposed engine, Cromwell hydraulic system, includes Churchill as well.

Chieftain running checks.Before use, After Use.Training check card. 1988.D3029.

Centurion.Crew duty card.MK7.Reminder of daily duties.1955.W.O.Code 9001.9 sides.June 1955.

Centurion.Crew duty card.Mk1& MKII.Reminder of daily duties.1948.W.O.Code.8392.10sides.August 1948.

Centurion.Crew duty card.MK3,5 and 6.Reminder of daily duties.1960.W.O.Code 9661.Dec 1960.15 sides.

Centurion.Crew commanders,fire order memory aid.1964.Army code.70104.Jan1965.

RAC tactical Aide Memoir.Army code no.70965. December 1973.

Royal Armoured Corps training

AFV identification.Volume IV. Instructors guide 1971.Army code 70669.July 1971.

Armour.Volume II.Part 4.The RAC compendium. Army code no. 70591.Nov 1971.

Crewman gunner AFV, Chieftain trained.Employment.Volume 1, part one.Sept 1979.

Daimler Scout Car.Vehicle Training Pamphlet.Royal Armoured Corps.Publications Section.1st edition.Over 200 sides.

Loader,Operator and Crewman B III, Chieftain AFV.Employment.Vol2-Part1. July 1971.

Miniature range training.Army code no.70451.1968.

Miniature range practices 1969.Army code no.70505.

Range instructions.1969. Army code no. 70489.

Eye training for crews of AFV's.Dated 1966.Army code no.70197.Interesting read.

 Notes for Royal Armoured Corps Signal instructions. Army Code no.70303.Dated 1966.

CVR(T).Series Vehicles.Volume 2. Driving and maintenance.Army code no.70781.Dated 1972.With Spartan Supplement.174 pages

CVR(W)Serices vehicles.Volume 2.Driving and maintenance.Army code no.70982.Dated 1973.162 sides.

Centurion Mk3.Supplement No.1 to RAC training.Vol 111.Armament pamphlet.Centurion tanks,Marks 5-7.1955.Wo code 9002.43 sides. Covers coaxial browning,guncontrols,sighting and firing control equipment.Ammunition.

Chieftain. Volume 111.Armament.RAC Training. Pamphlet No.19.Dated 1967.Army code no. 70439.

Chieftain. Starting up and operating procedures. RAC Gunnery school. Jan 1990.

Saladin Armoured cars.The application of fire.The technique of shooting from AFV's.Part four. Feb 1967. 9650.

Scorpion (CVRT)The application of fire. Volume three,Armament pamphlet. No.29. Army code 71304. 1981. 48 sides covers guns and ammunition used.

Chieftain MK.1 Tanks.The Application of fire.Army code no.70407. 1967.

Cheiftain,Classroom intstruction model,Gun for RAC. Army code no.70576. December 1969.RAC training.Vol III.Armament.

Vigilant guided weapon system.Volume three, armamant fitted onto Ferret. Army code 70038. 1964.Over 130 pages.

Royal Armoured Corps. Vigilant. ATGW. Controllers log book.

Vigilant. Testing the missile. container/launcher and modified control equipment. 1967.

Royal Armoured Corps training. Vigilant Guided weapon system. March 1968.Army code 70038.

Royal Armoured Corps. Radio Related.

Royal Armoured Corps training. Radio servicing for AFV's.1966. Army code no. 70183.

Operator's drill and tests for SR C11/R210. 1962. WO Code no.9783.

Operator's drills and tests for harness 'A' and 'B'. 1959. WO Code no.9606.

Introduction to new voice procedures. July 1984.

RAC Signals handbook 1982. Pamphlet No.5. 'Bovington Bible.'

Radio sets in the RAC. Cover A40 to C11/R210.Instructors diagrams for OHP foils.Army code no. 70679.


Generating set,A.C. 27.5KVA 415/240v,208/120v,3phase50/60c/sno1,Mk1.Trailer mounted X2/XB 18959. and less trailer. 11375. 1955. Parts list.

Generating set,A.C..,10kva,415/240v,50c/s,208/120v,60c/s,3phase,no.1,mk.1,trailer mounted,c/w tools and spares. 12568. June 1960. Parts list.

Generating set,A.C.,5Kva,240v,single phase,50c/s,no.2,c/w tools and spares. 12639. 1960. Parts list.

Generating set,AC,10kva,240v,single phase, 50c/s,no.1,c/w tools and spares. 12837. 1960. Parts list.

Charging set. B.S.A. 300w,30volt. User handbook. 12782. Jan 1961.

Generator Set, engine driven, 1.5kw(1.9kva)240ac. 6115-G-302-201. 1985.

Gen.set,diesel engine driven,16/24kw,240/416v,1/3phase,50/60hz,(Hunting ctl).Technical description.AESP.6115-H-501-302.Dec 1991.

Gen.set,diesel engine driven,16/24kw,240/416v,1/3phase,50/60hz,(Hunting ctl).Purpose and planning information.AESP.6115-H-501-101.Jan 1988.

Gen.set,diesel engine driven,16/24kw,240/416v,1/3phase,50/60hz,(Hunting ctl).Operating information.AESP 6115-H-501-201.Dec 1987.

Gen.set,diesel engine driven,16/24kw,240/416v,1/3phase,50/60hz,(Hunting ctl).Failure diagnosis.AESP.6115-H-501-512.April1962.

Gen.set,diesel engine driven,16/24kw,240/416v,1/3phase,50/60hz,(Hunting ctl).Repair instructions.AESP6115-H-501-522.March 1992.


Boughton winch model W27M.On Trackmarshall 70 tractor.Instruction and parts manual.

Fork Lifts

Please enquire.

Light Equipment

Mine detector No.4c. User handbook. 13034.1960.

NBC.Decontamination apparatus, Portable. L1A1.Purpose and planning information. AESP 4230-B-100-101.1987.

Portable cookers no.1,2and 3, Operation maintenance and illustrated spare parts list. 1962.

Cooking outfit No.5.operating information AESP.7360-G-100-201.1982.

Field cooker,outfit No.4.mk2,trailer mounted.Operating information.AESP.7360-J-100-201.Aug 1985.

Sales and Promotional literature

Rolls Royce.Oil Engines.Sales Brochure.1955.Covers 4,6, and 8 cyclinder engines.

155mm Self propelled howitzer. RFQ submission summary.

7.62mm GPMG Sustained fire kit. A4 double sided.

FH70 155mm.Field Howitzer.


TM55-1550-200-35.Survelliance Drone OA-2343/USD-1.Field and Maintenance manual. Oct 1962.

Merlin XX engine.Schedule of spare parts.RAF vocabulary section no.36 DD.Air publication 1590G(Vol.III)

Infantry training

Concealment in the field.1957.W.O.Code no.9459.How to camouflage your Champ, how to fold your camouflage net and the descrition of various types of camouflage net.Useful.

Infantry training volume One. Battle lessons and excercises.

Infantry training.Volume IV.Ranges.Range conduct and safety rules.Army code.71080.1978

All arms training,Standing Orders for crews of armoured fighting vehicles.Oct 1973.70959.

All arms training,Standing Orders for the safety of crews of armoured fighting vehicles.1980.71276.

Standing Order for Drivers of Mechanical (wheeled) and motor cyclists.W.O.Code no.12451.1969.

Infantry training. Volume X. Pamphlet No.51. Turret weapons and equipment. 30mm Rarden, Warrior. Army code no. 71665.

Infantry training. Volume X.Pamphlet No.52. Turret weapons and equipment CVRT.Sabre,Scimitar and Spartan. Army code no. 71628. 1997.

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