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Lucas.Maintenance instructions for electric lighting and ignition equipment with compensated voltage for motorcycles.


Armstrong, Motorcycle,General purpose,Operating instructions. 2340-M-101-201.1980.

Armstrong, Motorcycle,General purpose,Purpose and Planning information. 2340-M-101-101.April 1995.

Armstrong, Motorcycle,General purpose, Technical handbook. 2340-M-101-302. Dec 1985

Armstrong, Motorcycle,General purpose, Commercial parts list. 2340-M-101-721. Aug 1985.

Armstrong, Motorcycle,General purpose, Maintenance schedule. 2340-M-101-601. Aug 1992.


B.S.A. M20. 500cc.Side valve. 16448.Driver s handbook.

B.S.A.C10,C11. 250cc S.V. 1939 models.Instruction book.52 pages.

B.S.A. B40.MKI.350 cc.User handbook.1967.38 sides.

B.S.A. B40.MKI.350 cc. Technical handbook. Air publication 4999A.Sept 1969.130 sides.

BSA B40 MK1.343cc single cylinder,O.H.V.Army Code 60093.1967.Servicing schedule.


Corgi lightweight motorcycle handbook.

Corgi, lightweight motorcycle.Parts list.

Can Am.

Can-Am. Lightweight motorcycle. Illustrated parts list. AESP 2340-K-201-711. May 1982.

Can AM.AESP.Maintenenace manual.

Can-Am Motorcycle.Jan 1983.35 sides, brief description of moving parts.Tolerances etc.

Can AM.AESP.2340-K-201-702.Nov 1979. Parts list

Harley Davidson.

Harley Davidson, MT350E GP. Motor cycle. TQM.Maint Manual.

Harley Davidson, General purpose MT350E. 1991.Parts list

Harley Davidson,General purpose.Motor cycle. Complete equipment schedule. Service edition. 31927.

Harley Davidson WLA. Op. and maint manual.

Harley Davidson WLC. Operators manual. 1941. 36 sides.


Honda XR. Maintenance manual.


Matchless 350cc.OHV.Model 41-G3L. Maint manual and instruction book.Book No.101-MC2.

Matchless 350cc.OHV.Model 41-G3L. Drivers handbook. Book No.100/M.C.2

Matchless Model 40-G3WO.(With War Office modifications).350 c.c O.H.V. Spares list. Frame no.s 5000 to 16399.

Matchless Model 41-G3L.(With War Office modifications).350 c.c O.H.V. Spares list. Frame no.s 19400 to 24399.


Norton, 16H, 490cc. 1726.

Norton, maint manual and instruction book. '16H' 490c.c. s.v.

Norton.Maintenance manual and instruction book.Models 16H,Big 4,18 and ES2. 41 sides.

Norton Big Four. Sidecar combination. 633cc,s.v. Maint manual and instruction book.

Norton, 1947 models 1,16H,18 and ES2. Civilian edition.Parts list

Norton spare parts list. 490cc side valve model W.D. machine.Engine nos.W70,001-W76,000.Frame nos W70,001-W76,000.15 sides.No diagrams.

Norton, All roadster models, 1936 to 1938. Parts list.

Royal Enfield.

Royal Enfield. 350cc Model W.D./C.Side valve.

Royal Enfield.Dry sump lubricated motor cycles.Models G,H,J,JF and L. also 346cc and 499cc, special comp models.April 1936.

Royal Enfield. 250cc side valve.Instruction book. Aug 1939.

Royal Enfield. 356cc side valve.Instruction book. Feb 1940.

Royal Enfield WD/RE.125cc.Two stroke.Book no.100/R.E.4.A.Drivers handbook.

Royal Enfield. model RE, same as WD/RE. Feb 1946. Parts list.

Royal Enfield. 125cc.Two stroke.Model RE. Same as WD/RE.  December 1946. Instruction Book.


Spryt.Engine kick start.MkII.operating and maitenance manual.Corgi.


Triumph 350 cc O.H.V. Model 3HW.Drivers handbook.No.100/TCIB.52 sides.

Triumph.Instruction manual.3SW.1937,38,39,40 models. 48 sides.

Triumph.TRW,Mark 3. 500cc. 20896. June 1964.User handbook.

Triumph.TRW.500cc.Technical handbook.EMER B722. May 1972,With amendments 1 to 6.

Triumph.TRW,500cc. Illustrated spare parts list.Army code no.20907.40 sides.

Triumph.TRW MK.3.500cc,Twin cylinder side valve. 14322.. July 1964.Servicing schedule.


Velocette. Model M.S.S. (500c.c.) Parts list.

Velocette. Model MAC WD. Parts list.


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