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AEC.Service manual for vertical+horizontal oil engines. AV410,AV470,AH410 and AH470.                                                 

AEC.Instruction book and maint manual. 9.6 litre oil engine.A206.A207.A208.A213.A216.A217 and A218.

AEC.Service manual for vertical+horizontal.Diesel engines.A410,A470,A471,A505,A590,A690,A691,A760,A1100.

AEC.Spare parts catalogue for Vertical Diesel engine.AV505/ABH/A8666.


BMC Workshop manual for 3.4 litre.4 cylinder diesel engine.

BMC 1.5 litre diesel engine.For passenger cars.Workshop manual.Supplement.

BMC Workshop manual for 2.2 litre four cylinder diesel engine.

BMC.Workshop manual for 5.1 litre high speed diesel engine. Type OEB.

BMC.Workshop manual for 5.1 and 5.7 litre.6 cylinder vertical diesel engine.Issue 8.

BMC Morris/Austin Commercial.1500 and 1622 Power unit. 4 cyl.Part list AKD 5074.


BSA Engines. 320cc Models A and F. 420cc. Models E and G. Spares list.

BSA Engines. 320cc Models A and F. 420cc. Models E and G. Instruction book.


Bedford 8.2 litre engine. Commercial parts list.


Continental R975-C1.Handbook.Red seal.Ordnance engine.First edition July 1943.

Coventry Climax

Coventry Climax.Gen set.4Kva.Working instructions.Aug 1944. ZB11752.106 sides.

Generating sets,Coventry Climax,4kva.Identification list. 1944.Illustrated.


Cummins Type V-555. 9.1 litre. 8 Cyl. Operating information. AESP 2815-N-081-201. Feb 1983.

Cummins Type V-555. 9.1 litre. 8 Cyl. Commercial parts list. AESP 2815-N-081-721. March 1983.

Cummins.V8.Operation and maintenance. Covers VT8-430.V8 350.1960.

CumminsV/VT/VTA-1710 C.I.D.Engines.Shop manual. 1979.

Cummins NH/NT/NTA 855 C.I.D.Engines.Shop manual.

Cummins KT/KTA-2300 and KTA-3067 C.I.D.Engines.Shop manual. 1979.

Cummins. NTE/Super E Series. Operation and maintenance manual.1985.

Cummins H and NH.Workshop manual.1978.Naturally aspirated and supercharged.

Cummins.Inline and V6-V8 engines used in automotive applications.Operation and maintenance manual.091 to 222 Family type.

Continental Motors.

Red Seal tank engines.R-975-EC2. Continental Motors Corporation. Technical description. Repair instructions.

Detroit Diesel Engines.

Detroit diesel. Series 149. Service manual. June 1993.

Detroit diesel.Series 149.Parts catalog.

Series 92.Service manual. 1985.

In-line 71 Service manual.1986.

V-71 Service manual.1985.

Deutz Diesel engines.

Deutz diesel engines. B/FL413/F.Workshop manual.Dated 1987.


Enfield 85 HO2, MKIV. Technical handbook. Technical description. Power S192/1.

Enfield 85 HO2, MKIV. Technical handbook. Unit repairs. Power S193/1.

Enfield 85 HO2, MKIV. Technical handbook. Field Repairs. Power S194/1.Part 1.

Enfield 85 HO2, MKIV. Technical handbook. Inspection standard. Power S198/1.

Enfield 85. MK4. Gasoline engine. Illustrated parts catalogue. Army code no. 12537.


Foden Mk IV Engine. Maintenance  manual. Pub no.T70/2/66.

Foden MK VI and MK VII Engine. Spare parts list. For automotive, industrial and marine application.


Ford V8.Instruction book. March 1935.65 sides.

Ford industrial engines.V8 30. H.P. December 1943. Instruction book. 130 sides.

Ford industrial engines.4,6 cylinder petrol and diesel engines. Instruction book.73 sides. Ford industrial engines.4,6 cylinder petrol and diesel engines.

Ford industrial engines.4 and 6 cylinder. Diesel (3611cc and 5416cc), Petrol (3200cc and 4888cc).Parts list. Owners edition.1965.

Ford 2720.Operators handbook.Edition 4.Jan 1985. Covers 4 and 6 cylinder naturally aspirated engines and turbocharged industrial or marine engines.

Ford 2700 Range. 4 and 6 cylinder, industrial diesel engines.Owners instruction book.

Ford 2700 Range.Covers 2701E,2703E,2706E,2708E,2709E.Illustrated parts list.1969.Owners edition.

Ford 2700 Engine range. Service manual.4 and 6 cylinder.

Ford 2710. 4 and 6 cylinder diesel engines. Operators instruction book. Owners parts list. 1973. Edition 3. 

Ford 2500. 3 and 4 cylinder diesel and petrol  engines. Operators instruction book. Owners parts list. 1970. Edition 1. 

Industrial engine service manual.Covers 4-6 cyl petrol and diesel. 589E,590E,591E, and 592E.

Gray Marine Engine.

Gray Marine Engine. Model RCL-330. Operating instructions and parts list. Dated 1943.


Scout Cars. Hercules JXD Petrol engine.Tech manual.Sept 1942. TM9-1706. 326 sides.

Le Roi.

Le Roi Engines. Model WW-1. Parts list? 


Leyland Engine HAU.350/7.Maintenance and service manual.

Engine L60, No.4 MK 4A1. Technical handbook. Technical description. Power S 302/5. Aug 1967.

Engine L60, No.4 MK 7A. Technical handbook. Technical description. Power S 302/5.  Supplement No.1. July 1973.

Engine L60, MK 4A ,5A and 6A. Technical handbook. Unit Repairs. Power S 303/5.  Sept 1974.


LT.Lister.Air cooled diesel engine.Book 1819.1974.

LD and SL single cylinder.Lister.Air cooled diesel engines.Instruction book and parts list. Book 849/1063.


Packard 4M 2500.Marine Engine.W7,W8,W9,W10.Operating manual.April 1943..


Perkins engines. Handbook. 6.732. T6.3543. 6.3542. T6.354. 6.354. Pub no. 201 SER 1063.

Perkins engines. Servicing instructions. Valve seat inserting. Cylinder head skimming.1974. Pub no. 801 SER 1025.

Perkins engines. Workshop data for diesel engines. 6.372, 6.3542, T6.354, 6.354. 1975. Pub no. 401 SER 1091.

Perkins engines. Crankshaft regrinding. 1975. Pub no. 801 SER 7751105

Perkins.Climax.Part catalogue.Perkins 4-202.2.(JG50135).Diesel engine.Pub no.PCM1182.

Perkins.Workshop manual.Diesel engines.6.372,6.3542,T6.354 Industrial  and Agricultural.,6.354.1979.

Perkins.Workshop manual for 6.354 turbocharged and normally aspirated diesel engines.(includes 6.354.2 engines).Jan 1970

Perkins.200 Series.4.135,4.154,4.182.Users handbook.1985.

Perkins Phaser and 1000 Series.Workshop manual.Phaser 4 and 6 cylinder. 1000 Series 4 and 6 cylinder. Agricultural and industrial.

Perkins.P series,drivers handbook.List no.5058.May 1952.

Perkins.L4 engine.Operators handbook.June 1954.

Eagle.Perkins.Rolls Royce.Servicing Schedule. TSD 3011.Oct 1985.


Petter. Diesel engines. AVA operators handbook.  Pub no. 2073/11.

Petter. Diesel engines. B. Operators handbook. Pub no. 2070/6.

Petter. Diesel engines. PD. Operators handbook. Pub no.8023/1.

Petter. Diesel engines. AAI. Operators handbook. Pub no. 8039/5.

Petter. Petrol engines. A1-AP1. Operators handbook. Pub no. 2072/3.

Petter. Diesel engines. AV. Operators handbook. Pub no. 2071/6.

Petter. Diesel engines. PAZ1. Operators handbook. Pub no.2086/9.

Petter. Diesel engines. PH. Operators handbook. Pub no. 8002/10.

Petters P.U.8.Flat twin. Petrol engine.Handbook.8H.P. 1954.W.O.Code11051.

Petter. Petrol Engines. PA/PAK  Range. Operators handbook Pub no.2074/2.

Generating sets,4kw,110 volts,Petter.W.O.Code2354.Identification list.1951.

Rolls Royce.

Meterorite Mk.204 Engine. Installed in Thornycroft Mighty Antar. WOCode 17708. 1952. Parts list.

Meteor Engine. MK4B. Technical handbook. Technical description. Power EMER S 542/1.

Meteor Engine. MK4B. Technical handbook. Field repairs. Power EMER S 542.


Rolls Royce.K60.Workshop manual. Publication No.2291.Dated 1966.

Rolls Royce.K60 engine. Workshop manual. Publication number N0.2291. Dated 1966.

Rolls Royce. K60 engine. Technical handbook. Technical description. Power Emers S 562/1.

Rolls Royce. K60 engine. Technical handbook.Modifications Nos. 1 to 28. Power Emers S 567/1.

Rolls Royce. K60 engine. Technical handbook. Base standards. Power Emers S 568/1.Part 2.

Rolls Royce. K60 engine. Technical handbook. Misc Instruction index. Power Emers S 569/1.


Rolls Royce. Servicing manual. 'C' Range and SF65C engines. T.S.D. Pub no.980.Covers Data, Operating, Servicing and faults.

Rolls Royce.Servicing manual. CV12 Industrial engines.Perkins engines. TSD 3138.

Rolls Royce.C6N Series 140 engine.Technical handbook,Technical description.EMER Power S532/1.Oct 1959.As fitted to Scammel Constructor,Diamond T,980/C6N and 981/C6N.

Rolls Royce. C range engines.Workshop manual.TSD Pub no. 803.11th issue.Nov 1980.

Rolls Royce 'B' series engines(all marks)Technical handbook-Unit repairs.Covering coolant system,lubrication system,fuel system,decarbonizing,valve clearance adjustment,ignition timing,sparking plugs,starter motor and generator.EMER Power S523.Aug 1967..

D, range Rolls Royce engines.Course notes. Covers,engine data,external features,mechanical layout,lubrication system,fuel system,torque converters,cooling system,turbocharger,starters,trouble shooting and servicing chart.Dated 1967.


Rolls Royce.Worshop manual for B range petrol engines. TSD pub no.702.

Rolls Royce. B series engines.B/80 MK.5D and B/80 MK.5N. Schedule of spare parts and scale of servicing spares. Air pub. 2173F.

Rolls Royce B series. Power Emer S520. Technical handbook. Data summary.

Rolls Royce B series. Power Emer S522. Technical handbook. Technical description.

Rolls Royce B series. Power Emer S524.Part 1. Technical handbook. Field Repairs.

Rolls Royce B series. Power Emer S524.Part 2. Technical handbook. Base repairs.

Rolls Royce B series. Power Emer S527. Technical handbook. Modification instructions.No.1 to No.6.

Rolls Royce. Eagle.All marks

RR Eagle Diesel.Model E220.Series 638212A.Parts Catalogue.

Eagle MKs.1 and 11.Workshop manual.T.S.D.3043.1st issue.Sept 1972.

Eagle MK111 Engine Workshop manual. Publication 3061.Dec 1974.Covers General information, Description and data, dismantling the engine, assembling the engine, crankshaft and cylinders,camshaft,crankshaft,main bearings and flywheel, pistons and connecting rods, cylinder head and valve gear, cooling system, fuel system, lubrication system,wheelcase and gears, air compressor,turbocharger,electrical equipment, and running and storage.

Eagle MK.111.Servicing manual.T.S.D.3011.Oct 1977.

Eagle.Perkins.Rolls Royce.Servicing Schedule. TSD 3011.Oct 1985.

Eagle MK111.Parts list.

Eagle 305-3R-M9.Parts catalgoue.

Rolls Royce Eagle.26L-3s-02. Commercial parts list. AESP 2815-K-742-721. Nov 1985.

Rolls Royce Eagle.26L-3s-02. Civilian Parts catalogue.


LT.Lister.Air cooled diesel engine.Book 1819.1974.

LD and SL single cylinder.Lister.Air cooled diesel engines.Instruction book and parts list. Book 849/1063.


VilliersMark 2T 250cc and Mark 3T 324cc. twin cylinder, four speed. engine, gear unit.Inlcuding 2T blower cooled and self starter models. June 1961.Operationg instructions and spare parts list.

Villiers.C.12 industrial engine.Operating and spares book.28 sides.

Generator Set.A.C.500va,240v,single phase,50 c/s,No.2 with petrol engine,Villiers MK.12 HS.W.O.Code 12582.ISPL 1960.

Man Engines.

Man Engines. D 0224 M,MF,D 0226 MF,MFO,MHD 0226 MFM, D 0226 MFA D 0226 MKF/170, D 0226 MKF, MC. Repair manual.Including first supplement.Dated 1984.

Marine Engines.

HW2M and HW3M Engines.Covers runing, maintenance and illustrated parts list.

Stuart Marine engines. Type R3 MC with centrifugal clutch. and R3M with reverse gear. Instruction and spare parts list book.24 sides.


Onan AJ genset. Parts manual.

Volvo Penta.

Volvo Penta.Industrial diesel engines. D70A,D70B,TD70A,TD70B.Marine diesel engines. MD70A,MD70B,TMD70A,TMD70AB,TMD70B,TAMD70B,AQD70B,AQD70BL.

Volvo Penta. Parts catalogue.Pub no.3546.

Volvo Penta.Marine diesel installation handbook.Engines covered MD40 to TAMD120.

Volvo Penta.Diesel instruction book. Pub no.5233. Covers TD100G,-GG-GPP.TD121G,-GG.TD120HPP.TID121FG.


 Testing internal combustion engines.Subject index.EMER Power A268.Sept 1961.

Operating instructions and service manual for vertical diesel engines and dieselectric plants.Model V1-38.TM55-1040.March 1944.

Motor generator.A.C.input 415V.3 phase,50c/s,output 7kva,208/120v,3 phase 400c/s,no.1,mk.2.provisional edition.1962.W.o.Code13502.

Serck.Notes for hydrostatic fan drive for the Rolls Royce B81 engine power pack.32 sides.

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