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Austin.4x2.Light utility. Maintenance manual and instruction book. Pub no.2194. March 1944.

Austin Champ. Technical handbook.Emers. Technical description,Unit repairs,Field repairs,Base repairs, for G.S.,4x4,Cargo and FFW.

Austin Champ, Running and maintenance instructions. Civilian.

Austin Gypsy. Civilian edition. May 1958.

Austin Gypsy. 4x4. Series I and II. Workshop manual.  97H1548.With 2.2 Supplement.

Austin 2 and 5 ton trucks and series 1, 4litre. Service manual. Jan 1954.

Austin Loadstar. 15cwt,4x2 G.S.Service manual. Cat no.101/AN/14.Jan 1951.

Ford W.O.A.1.Instruction book.V8-30h.p.Staff car.January 1941.

Guy Ant. Contract V.3504.

Guy Ant.Instruction book.War Office chassis.Contract T.8103.

Hillman, light utility, truck, 4x2. June 1944.Maint manual and instruction book.

Hillman Utility Vehicle.Instruction book.MK11A. April 1941.

Hillman Minx.Deluxe and touring saloons.instruction book.Oct 1942.

Hillman Minx.Instruction book.Sept 1939.From chassis no.1200500.

Humber Snipe Utility Vehicle.Instruction book.W.O.contract V3332/16.V3482.

Landrover instruction book.86,88,107 and 109.Part no.4102.June 1956.56 sides.

Land-Rover.Workshop manual.Part one.Series 11 and 11A.Covers engines, 2.25 petrol,2.25 deisel,2.6 petrol. clutches and gearboxes.March 1969

Land Rover. SAS, 3/4ton,Rover 11.Technical handbook. Q022/8. Covers armament,auxillary fuel system, electrical equipment, navigation equipment, steering units and linkage. Feb 1970.

Morris Commercial.15cwt.4x4,G.S.,Wireless,Light warning and air compressor. Maintenance manual and instruction book. Book no.101/ML5A.

Morris 1000. AKD 530N.

Morris Commercial.Compression ignition system.Type CDD.2.Workshop manual.

Mutt,M151A2 Series.Technical manual.Organisational maintenance.May 1982.TM9-2320-218-20-1-1.Pasrt One.

Mutt,M151A2 Series.Technical manual.Organisational maintenance.May 1982.TM9-2320-218-20-1-2.Part Two.

Standard 12h.p., car light utility. 1946.

Standard Vanguard.Phase 3.MK3.4 Seater saloon,CL,4x2, including LHD models.Technical manual.W.O.code 18370.March 1957.

Scammell.Mechanical horse and Trivan.Instruction book.

Willys truck. 1/4 ton. Model MB TM10-1513. Oct1942.


Austin 3ton, Commercial vehicle. WD type. 2161A. Oct 1943.

Austin 2 and 5 ton trucks and series1, 4 litre. Service manual. Jan 1954.

Austin Ambulance. 2 ton. 4 wheeled. Maintenance manual and instruction book. Book no. 101/AN1. Dated June 1942. Publication no. 2012.

Austin 3 t0n lorry,Anti tank Portee and General service 4x4. Maint manual and instruction book.Book no 101/AN5.1943.

Austin. 3 ton lorry. Model K3 cargo. Model K2A cargo and Model K2. Ambulance. Book no.101/AN7B. August 1944.

Austin. 3 ton lorry. 4x2. G.S. Models K3?YB. K3/ZC. Book No.101/AN7. July 1943.

Austin K9,Technical handbook, chassis, 1 ton, GS,4x4. Emer D602.Also has supplement No.1 which covers,Body,1 ton,GS,cargo,MK.3.Body,1 ton,GS,cargo,(RAF cargo),Body 1 ton,GS,fitted for wireless,Body,1 ton,GS,wireless light,Body,1 ton,GS radio repair,MK3. Sept 1954.

Bedford S type. Shop manual. Dec 1951. T.S.287. Covers models SLZ,SLC,SLD,SLP,SSZ,SSC,SST,SA,SB.

Bedford.Shop manual.Models K,M and O. T.S.229/1.Reprint 1949.

Bedford.Workshop manual.Models OW,OWS,OWB and Scammell Tractor.TS.216.Sept 1944.

Bedford RLH and RSH.Instruction book.Diesel engined models.T.S.533/1.Cover 300 and 330.

Bedford.RK.Truck cargo,4.5 ton, 4x4.LHD and RHD. Technical handbook.1965.Army code no.20901.

Bedford RL,dropside.4x4,mk1.technical handbook.waterproofing instructions.F175/6wpf instr no.1.Issue 1.Dec1968.

Bedford TJ and TK. Training manual. Covers 214cu.inch.Petrol,engine and clutch. TS.503.

Bedford Trucks and Coaches 1973 onwards.Gasoline and diesel engine.

Bedford Trucks and Coaches 1973 onwards.Transmission and rear axle.

Bedford Trucks and Coaches 1973 onwards.Front axle,susp,wheels,steering and cab.

Bedford Trucks and Coaches 1973 onwards.Brakes

Bedford Trucks and Coaches 1973 onwards.Electrical equipment and instruments.

Bedford Trucks and Coaches 1973 onwards.Diesel engine 8.2 litre (500in)

Bedford TJ/TK.Training manual.200-220-300 and 330

Bedford, 3 ton, 4x4, Ql,QLB,QLD,QLR,QLT. 2006. 1944.

Bedford, OWL,OWS,OWB, and Bedford-Scammell tractor. Wartime models issued for civilian transport. 1943.

Bedford. MW 15cwt, OX 30CWT, OY 3ton lorry.Instruction book.  December 1939.

Bedford.Maint manual and instruction book for models MW, OX and OY.April 1944.211 sides.

Bedford.Mechanics handbook.WD Models MW-OX-OY-QL.First Edition.May 1941.TS148..Over 200 sides.

Bedford.Model O.Instruction book.Aug 1952.T.S.223/17.Covers,OSA,OSB,OLA,OLB.

Bedford.Model O.Instruction book.3-4 and 5 ton,bus chassis and Bedford-Scammell tractor.Dec 1946.T.S.223/4.Covers,OSA,OSB,OLA,OLB.

Bedford.Maint manual and instruction book for models Ql,QLB,QLC,QLD,QLR,QLT. Aug 1943..

Bedford TL Series.Workshop manual.Covers,cab heater, air con,chassis frame,front axle/suspension,brakes,engine,(Phaser 4 and 6 cyl,1000 series 4 and 6 cyl.)clutch,manual transmission,prop shafts,fuel and exhaust,steering and road wheels,electrical equipment cooling system.

Commer.Drivers instruction book.3 ton 6 cylinder,military load Superpoise vehicles. Pub no.235.

Commer.Instruction book for 15cwt.(6 Cylinder) Suprpoise vehicles type Q2.Pub no. 262

Commer, 3ton,4wd, Cross country model.Pub no.591. 1954.

Commer,chassis,3 ton,GS,4x4,Technical handbook.H152.Dec 1954.Over 330 sides.

Chevrolet 3/4ton(LC).4x2 truck.Maint manual. TM10-1287.Nov 1941.

Chevrolet passenger cars, Chevrolet, Maple leaf and GMC trucks.1941-1942.Shop manual. Dec 1941.Covers 1941 and 1942 1000,1200 series cars, Chevrolet 1/2,1 and 2 ton trucks. Maple Leaf 2.5 and 3 ton trucks, Chevrolet C.O.E truck,G.M.C.1/2,1,2,2.5,3 ton truck, and 2 ton C.O.E. trucks. Over 287 sides.

Chevrolet Inst. book.C8,C15,C30S,C60S,C60L,CGT. Built for British W.D.July 1941.3rd Edition.

Chevrolet Inst. book.3 ton 4x2.Built for British War Dept.

Canadian Military Pattern Vehicles. Maintenance manual MB-C1.15cwt 4x2,30cwt 4x4,15cwt 4x4,3 ton 4x4,Heavy Utility 4x4,Field artillery tractor 4x4.April 1942.Covers 22 sections.A model identification,B drivers instructions,C Lubrication,D wheels and tyres, E Brakes,F front axle, G Steering,H Rear axle and driveshaft,I springs and shock absorbers,J Frame, K Engine, LClutch,M Transmission, N Transfer case,O Winch, O cooling system,Q fuel and electrical,R Electrical,S cab and sheet metal,T maintenance requirements.U specifications and special tool list.Z index

Canadian Military Pattern Vehicles. Maintenance manual MB-C2.15cwt 4x2,30cwt 4x4,15cwt 4x4,3 ton 4x4,Heavy Utility 4x4,Field artillery tractor 4x4.September 1943.

Dodge 3/4 ton,4x4 truck.TM9-808.Technical manual. Jan 1944.Over 350 sides.

Dodge T-110L-5. 3 ton ,4 x2.Maintenance manual. April 1943.C420-D1.

Dodge Trucks. Instruction book for model 101B.Oct 1944.

Dodge Trucks. Victory and Senior. Instruction book for model D5X and D5.Jan 1937.

Dodge Brothers 30 cwt. and 2 ton Surrey trucks. Series H.6  cylinders. Instruction book.

FWD. Maint manual.80CWT,4x4,Tractor.Model SU-COE.

GUY Motors. Vixen. 4ton chassis. Service manual.

Land Rover 1 tonne, Forward Control. Ambulance, 4 stretcher, 4x4.. Technical handbook, Technical description. Unit and Field Repairs. EMER Q 052/1. June 1982.

Land Rover 1 tonne, Forward Control. GS and FFW. Technical handbook, Technical description. Unit and Field Repairs. EMER Q 052. Jan 1977.

Leyland Daf.4 tonne,4x4,GS (All variants). Incorporating amendment No.1.operating information. 2320-H-104-201. April 1990.

Leyland DAF truck. 4 ton. 4x4. Repair instructions. AESP 2320-H-104-522.May 1990.

Reynolds Boughton.4x4. All variants. AESP 2320-E-200-302. Technical description.

Reynolds Boughton.4x4. All variants. AESP 2320-E-200-512. Failure diagnosis.

Ford Truck instruction book. Models. 21C, C21D ,21Y, 21T, C29T, C29W, 218T, 218W, C298T, C298W, C11AD, C098TFS.132 sides.

Ford. CMP. MB-F1.Maint manual.15 cwt,4x2,4x4.30 cwt 4x4.3 ton 4x4.3 ton 6x4 and F.A.T. 4x4.June 1943.

Ford. Driving, maintenance and repair. 8,15,30 cwt, 3ton 4x4,6x4,F.A.T 4x4,Rear engines armoured car.

Ford. W.O.T. 2 4x2,gs lorry 15cwt.Maintenance manual and instruction book.1945.FD1A.Over 250 sides.

Ford W.O.T.2,Instruction book.1941.15cwt Infantry truck.Contract no.V4150.Over 230 sides. Z4506039..

Ford W.O.A.2.Instruction book.Jan 1941. Contract no.S9293. 238 sides.

Ford W.O.T.1.Instruction book.Air pub.1846.July 1940.

Ford,W.O.T.6.Lorry,3 ton,4wd.G.S. Maint manual and instruction book.Contract No.V-4150.March 1942.182 sides.

Ford W.O.T.8.Instruction book.30cwt.4wd.G.S. lorry. Sept 1941.

Ford/G.M..Inst. book.C8,C15,C30S,C60S,C60L,CGT,F8,F15,F30S,F60S,F60H,FGT.March 1940.

Ford Special Pattern Vehicles.Instruction book. Covers 8 cwt,15 cwt,30 cwt,3 ton. FAT,Rear engined armoured car.1941.

Freight Rover Sherpa 300-350 series, All variants. Failure Diagnosis and Repair instructions. 2320-E-100-512. 1987.

Humber 1 ton Emers, also covers Pig.N252.Technical handbook, technical description.N253 Technical handbook, unit repairs,N253/2 Technical handbook, Unit repairs.N254/2.Part 1.Technical handbook-Field repairs.N252.Part 2.technical handbook-Base repairs.N258.Part2.Technical handbook-base inspection standard.

Karrier.Drivers instruction book.CK.6.War Office contract. 294/V/3605.Pub No.1283.

Morris Commercial instruction book. C Type.30cwt to 3 ton.Pub no.157h.July 1937.135 sides..

Morris Commercial FV12/5. Truck, 3 ton ,$x2, CL office and cargo. Maintenance manual. W. O. Code no.17617.

Morris MRA/1.4x4.Workshop manual.

Morris CS8, PU four wheelers.Special four wheelers.Instruction book. Aug 1939.Pub no.222F.


A.E.C. Matador,tractor 4x4, medium, model 0853.c.i.engine. 2571. June 1945.

A.E.C. Matador,tractor 4x4, medium, model 0853.c.i.engine.101/FW1.(Modified for Australia).April 1943.

A.E.C. 2,500 gallon, petrol tanker mk2. Chassis type 0854. 2641. 1944

Albion WDHD23N.10 ton,gs,6x4.Technical handbook.EMER D372.April 1955.

Alvis Stalwart. 5 ton 6x6. Technical handbook. Field Repairs. V644. Part 1. Plus supplements No.1 to No.9. Removing and refitting engine, Removing and refitting of main gearbox and transfer box assembly, (engine fitted), Removing and refitting of main gearbox and transfer box assembly (engine removed). Removal and refitting of propulsion unit MK2. Removing and refitting of front bevel box assembly. Removal and refitting of a centre bevel box assembly. Removing and refitting of a rear bevel box assembly, Removal and refitting of the steering gear assembly, Removal and refitting of wheel station complete.

Alvis Stalwart. 5 ton 6x6.(FV622,FV623). Technical handbook. Technical description. V642/2. May 1972. 162 sides.

BMC.7 tonner.Workshop manual.OEB engine. 5.1 litre.

Bedford MK, truck,cargo,4ton,4x4. Technical handbook. 5029A.Volume1 and volume 6. March 1970.

Bedford 8ton, 4x4 Truck. All variants. Base repair instructions.AESP2320-L-701-524.

Bedford truck,8t, 4x4. All variants. Technical description. AESP 2320-L-701-302. May 1980.

Bedford. 14 tonne. 6x6. All variants. AESP 2320-P-700-101. Purpose and planning.

Bedford. 14 tonne. 6x6. All variants. AESP 2320-P-700-302. Technical description.

Dodge trucks.Maint manual.Model WK-60.COE. 1940.86 sides.

Diamond T.4-ton 6x6 trucks.968A cargo,969A wrecker,970/A Pontoon and 972 Dump.TM9-811.Technical manual.Jan 1944.Over 390 sides.

Foden 16 tonne,LMLC.Technical Handbook. Technical description. J322. August 1977.

Foden. IMMLC, LHD, 8x6. Truck, load handling, (DROPS) 15 tonne. Reapir Instructions. AESP 2320-R-302-523. June 1994. With amendments 1,2,3.

GMC 352 and 353. 2 1/2 ton truck. TM10-1269.Jan 1942.Very comprehensive manual.

GMC DUKW. 21/2 ton 6x6 amphibian.Ordanance maintenance hull and water drive.TM9-1802C.Over 270 pages.

GMC DUKW.TM9-802.Technical manual.Sept 1943. 576.Sides

GMC DUKW353,Field and depot maintenance allowances.ORD8SNLG-501.June 1952.Over330 pages.

GMC,DUKW.Operational Procedures.Over 100 Sides.

GMC DUKW. 21/2 ton 6x6 amphibian.List of all service parts.ORD9SNL G-501.June 1945.Over 450 sides.

Humber 1 ton Emers, covers Pig.N252.Technical handbook, technical description.N253 Technical handbook, unit repairs,N253/2 Technical handbook, Unit repairs.N254/2.Part 1.Technical handbook-Field repairs.N252.Part 2.technical handbook-Base repairs.N258.Part2.Technical handbook-base inspection standard.

Leyland Martian.EMER.N622.Cargo,med artillery.Tech handbook,Tech description.Mar 1961.

Mack,NR-6,NR-7.Maintenance manual. TM10-1421.May 1942.Over 190 sides.

Mack models. NR8 and NR9.10 ton 6x4 cargo trucks.Maintenenace manual.TM10-1545.Dec 1942.

21/2 ton,6x6,gasoline engine models.Operators manual. covers,M185,M185A1,M34,M35 ,M36,M36C,M47,M59,M349 ,V18A/MTQ,V17A/MTQ,M49,M49C,M50,M48,M275,M567,M292,M109,M109A1,M108,M60.Multifuel engine    models,truck expansible,M29A1,M292A2,M292A5(Body only).TM9-2320-209-10.Feb 1965.330 sides.

M44A1 and M44A2 series trucks (multifuel).technical manual,volume 3 of 3,part 2 of 4.Maintenance,organizational level.21/2ton,6x6.Truck.cargo,M35A1,M35A2,M35A2C,M36A2,M49A1C,M49A2C,May 1981.Covers brake system, wheel system,steering system,frame and towing attachments,springs and shock absorbers.Over 300 sides.TM9-2320-209-20-3-2.

Seddon Atkinson.4x2. 400 Series. Model T36265.Failure diagnosis and repair instructions. AESP.2320-T-301-302.

Scammell Crusader.20 ton.6x4.Tractor.Technical handbook.Emer R202.July 1976.

Scammell Crusader.35 ton.6x4.tractor.Technical handbook.Unit and field repairs.Emer R192.Feb 1976.

Scammell Crusader.6x4.Recovery Vehicle. Technical handbook. Unit and field repairs.Emer 192/1.Nov 1978.

Scammell.S26.Tractor wheeled,Semi trailer, 60 tonne GWC. Workshop manual. AESP 2320-V-100-522. July 1987.

Stalwart MK1.Truck,High mobility load carrier, 5 ton,6x6,Technical handbook.Technical description.V.642.162 sides.April 1965.

Stalwart.,Truck, cargo,HMLC,5 ton,6x6,Alvis/Stalwart MK2 (FV622).Truck,cargo,HMLC,with winch and crane,5 ton,6x6,Alvis/Stalwart.(FV623).Technical handbook.Unit Repairs. Issue 1,31 March 1969.V643/2.190 sides.

Stalwart.,Truck, cargo,HMLC,5 ton,6x6,Alvis/Stalwart MK2 (FV622).Truck,cargo,HMLC,with winch and crane,5 ton,6x6,Alvis/Stalwart.(FV623).Technical handbook. Field Repairs. Issue 2, June 1971 .V644/2. 118 sides.

Stalwart, Truck, cargo, HMLC, 5 ton, 6x6.Technical handbook. Base  Repairs. Issue 1, Sept 1965 .V644 Part 2. 78 sides.

Studebaker. US6 and US6x4. 2 1/2 ton truck and 5 ton truck. TM9-807.Dec 1943.365 sides.

Thornycroft Nubian.Chassis type TF/B80.Maintenance manual. Engine type Mks 1d,2D or 10F.



A.E.C. Armoured car.Mark 1.Instruction book. 1st edition.Jan 1942.

A.E.C. Armoured car.Mark 2.Service instruction book. 1st edition.Sept 1943.

Beaverette.Standard. MK IV,Car 4x2 light recon.Maint manual and instruction book. 1944.

Carriers. Machine Gun.L.P.Nos.,2 & 2A.Descripton,Operation and Maintenance. Mechanisation pamphlet no.7.Australian Military Forces. June 1941.Over 70 sides.

Carriers. Machine Gun.L.P.Nos.,2 & 2A.Workshop,Repair and Maintenance. Mechanisation pamphlet no.7A.Australian Military Forces.1941.Over 150 sides..


Centurion,MK2.Tank,ARV,Technical handbook,Technical description.G102/2.1958.132 sides.

Centurion gun tank. MKs 3,5,7, and 8. Technical handbook. Unit repairs. G103. June 1959.

Centurion gun tank. MK3 - 13 and conversions. Technical handbook. Modification instructions No.1 to 200. G107.


Challenger tank, 120mm gun. Technical Description. AESP 2350-P-100-302. June 1983.


Chieftain,mk1,1/2,2,3 and 3/3.Technical handbook.Technical description. I200.Feb 1972.

Chieftain,MK5. 120mm Gun..Technical handbook.Technical description.I212.Jan 1973.Chapters 1 to 9.

Chieftain,MK5. 120mm Gun..Technical handbook.Technical description.Unit Repairs.I213 .April  1974.

Chieftain EMER I202.Chap 1. Introduction and data.Covers mk1 to mk3.

Chieftain EMER I202.Chap 2. Power pack..Covers mk1 to mk3.

Chieftain EMER I202.Chap 3. Automotive hydraulics.Covers mk1 to mk3.

Chieftain EMER I202.Chap 4.Generating unit engine.Covers mk1 to mk3.

Chieftain EMER I202.Chap 7.Suspension and runing gear.Covers mk1 to mk3.

Chieftain Mk1,1/2,2,3,3/G,3/2,3/S and 3/3.Technical handbook.Unit repairs/Chap 1.I203.Power pack.

Chieftain Mk1,1/2,2,3,3/G,3/2,3/S and 3/3.Technical handbook.Unit repairs/Chap 2.I203.Engine L60 main.

Chieftain Mk1,1/2,2,3,3/G,3/2,3/S and 3/3.Technical handbook.Unit repairs/Chap 3.I203.Cooling system..

Chieftain Mk1,1/2,2,3,3/G,3/2,3/S and 3/3.Technical handbook.Unit repairs/Chap 4.I203.Automotive hydraulic system,contents,hydraulic starting system.

Chieftain Mk1,1/2,2,3,3/G,3/2,3/S and 3/3.Technical handbook.Unit repairs/Chap 5.I203.Auxiliary engine H30.(Generating set).

Chieftain Mk1,1/2,2,3,3/G,3/2,3/S and 3/3.Technical handbook.Unit repairs/Chap 6.I203.Fuel system..

Chieftain Mk1,1/2,2,3,3/G,3/2,3/S and 3/3.Technical handbook.Unit repairs/Chap 7.I203.Transmission.

Chieftain Mk1,1/2,2,3,3/G,3/2,3/S and 3/3.Technical handbook.Unit repairs/Chap 8.I203.Drivers controls.

Chieftain Mk1,1/2,2,3,3/G,3/2,3/S and 3/3.Technical handbook.Unit repairs/Chap 9.I203.Suspension and tracks...

Chieftain,All Variants,All marks.Technical handbook.Technical description.I222.Jan 1987.


CVRT.Scorpion.Technical handbook.Technical description.C402.April 1973.

CVRT.Technical handbook.Unit repairs Scimitar.Chap 7G.Hull and fittings.C503.May 77.

CVRT.Technical handbook.Tech desc.Scimitar.Chap 7G.Hull and fittings.C502.Dec 77.

CVRT.Technical handbook.Tech desc.Sultan.Hull and fittings. Chap 7E.C502.July 1979.

CVRT.Technical handbook.Unit repairs.Electrical systems.Common items.C503.Chap 8.May 1976

CVRT.Technical handbook.Unit repairs.Samaritan.Hull and fittings.C503.Chap7D.Nov 1980.

CVRT.Technical handbook.Tech desc.Samaritan.Hull and fittings.C502.Chap7D.Oct 1980.

CVRT.Technical handbook.Unit repairs.Samson.Hydralic system.Recovery equipment.C503.Chap9F.May 1981.

CVRT.Samson.Hull and fittings.C502.Chap7F.May 1981.

CVRT.Technical handbook.Tech desc.Samson.Hydraulic system.C502.Chap9F.

CVRT.Technical handbook.Unit repairs.Striker.Hydraulic system.C503.Chap9B.May 1976.

CVR(T).All variants.General instructions and index.AESP 2350-T-210-821. C509.Miscellaneous instructions.No.1 to No.90.

CVRT.(D). Repair instuctions. Common items. AESP 2350-T-220-522. Dec 2003.

CVR(T)(D).Samson. Maintenance Insturctions. AESP 2350N120522

Shielder. Carrier, Full tracked, Vehicle Launched Scatterable Mine System (VLSMS). Maintenance schedule. AESP 2350-T-125-601.December 1998.


Conqueror, ARV, MK1 and Mk2. Tech handbook. Tech description.Emer I112. Sept 1961.100 sides.


Daimler Dingo.Mks11,11 w/t and 111.W.O.Code no.3410.Workshop manual.170 sides.

Daimler Dingo.Mks 11,11 w/t and 111. Workshop manual.First Edition.Dated 1946.

Daimler I and II.Armoured car. Handbook.No.60/117.First edition dated 1945.Over 300 sides.More than a handbook.A very nice publication.With lubricating chart insert.

High speed tractor,M5,M5A1,M5A2,andM5A3.TM9-786.over 500 sides.April 1950.

Humber MKIV.Service instruction book.Dated 08/43. 1st Edition.154 sides.Nice pictures.

Jackal. MWMIK. Truck high mobility. 4x4. DSL. Failure Diagnosis. AESP 2320-D-106-512. June 2008. 1st0  edition.

M8.Armoured car.Technical manual.Power train,suspension,hull,and turret for light armoured car M8 and armoured utility car M20.TM9-1743.183 sides.

Morris,MK1,car 4 wheeled, light reconnaissance. 101/MM1.

M548.Tracked Cargo Carrier.Technical Descrition.AESP2350-T-100-303. TM9-2350-247-34.

M20.Car armoured utility.Organizational and maintenance allowances.ORD7SNLG-176.98 sides.Jan 1952.

M60.unit maintenance manual.Volume 2 0f 2 for 105mm gun,M60A3 and TTS Turret.Maintenance procedures and maintenance allocation chart.TM9-2350-253-20-2-2.Nov 1944.

M18.76mm.gun motor carriage M18 and armoured utility vehicle M39.Hellcat.TM9-755.

M3.Logan Gerotor hydraulic turret traversing.Operating instructions and maintenenace.87 sides.Jan 1942.

Stuart/Sherman.M4A4.M3A4. TM9-1750F.Maintenance for power unit.April 1943

Sexton.Operating and maint manual.Covers vehicle operating instructions,vehicle maintenance instructions and armament.Over 270 sides.


Saxon,carrier personnel,wheeled.Repair instructions.AESP2320-X-100-522.June 1986.

Saxon,carrier personnel,wheeled.Inspection standard pt one.Complete equipment.AESP2320-X-100-532.Oct 86.

Saxon,carrier personnel,wheeled.Modification instructions and index..AESP2320-X-100-811.May 1987.

Saxon,carrier personnel,wheeled.General instructions and index.AESP2320-X-100-821.June 1986.


Saracen MK1 and 2.Wheeled vehicles. Tech handbook.Tech description.V612.Dated Dec 1955.

Saracen MK1 and 2.Wheeled vehicles.Tech handbook unit. Unit repairs.V613.Dated Jan 1977.

Saracen MK1.Tech handbook. Field repairs. V614. Part 1.Feb 1955.

Saracen MK1 and MK2.Tech handbook. Base repairs.V614.Part 2.

Saracen and Saladin (FV600 series).Tech handbook. Base repairs.Supp no.1.Testing hydraulic systems on light duty hydraulic test bench.V614.Part 2.Supp1.Dated Oct 1966.


Saladin MK2. Technical handbook. Field Repairs. V634. Part 1. 49 sides.


Staghound T17E1.TM9-1741B.Technical manual.Transmission,transfer case, and steering systems for medium armoured car. Oct 1943.217 sides.

Staghound. T17E1.TM9-1741C.Technical manual.Chassis,hull and turret for medium armoured car.Oct 1943.272 sides.

Staghound T17E1 TM9-1741A.Medium Armoured car.Maintenance,Engines,engine accessories and fuel system for medium armoured car T17E1.Nov 1943.274 sides.

Staghound T17E1. TM9-741.Medium Armoured car. Technical manual.Dec 1942.386 pages.

Tactica Van IEDD 4x4. Maintenance schedule. AESP 2320-B-300-601. March 1999.

Chevrolet Medium Armoured car.M-6.Training manual,produced by General Motors.Covers everything.Amazing book.

Warrior Turret. Electrical Systems. SEME Ref no. G3/37. Feb 1988.

Transmissions,Axles etc.

Clark torque converter.C-270 series.Maintenance and service manual.1971.

Clark axle.Maintenance and service.Inline differential.

Clark transmission.Maintenenace and service schedule.2420 series.1970.

Clark axle.Maintenance and service manual supplement.Brake access. no.TP131.Automatic safe load system,type M7701B.Technical instructions.


Caterpillar 621 tractor-Scraper.Serial numbers 23H1-UP and 37G1-UP and Johnsons Elevating scraper,serial numbers 43H1-UP.Army code 22336.Service manual.

Wheelbarrow MK 8B system. AESP 1385-B-111-522. Repair instructions.

 Wheelbarrow MK 8B system. AESP 1385-B-111-512. Failure diagnosis.

Wheelbarrow MK 8B system. AESP 1385-B-111-302. Technical description.


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