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Austin 'Champ'FV1801.Illustrated spare parts list, for 1/4 ton.cargo,4x4 and ffw.

Austin Ten. Military type Utility Vehicle.With water pump.List of spares parts. Pub no.1951. Dated Dec 1940.

Austin Gypsy. GM.M10 and GM.M15. Body service parts list. AKD3485. Service parts list.

Austin Gypsy. GM.M10 and GM.M15. Mechanical  service parts list. AKD3484. Service parts list.

Austin Gypsy. GM.M10 and GM.M15. Service parts list. AKD3408. Service parts list.

Austin Twenty ambulance. List of special parts.Pub no.1263.May 1935.

Ferguson. Model F.E.35.W.O.Code20725.Over 240 sides.

Ford WOA2.V8 30 H.P. Spare parts list.Contract no.V-4089.

Ford. WOT2-H. 15 cwt infantry truck. Spare parts list. Contract no.S-2961. Feb 1945.

Fordson. 15CWT Van. 1936-1939. 22HP, 24HP, 30HP, Spare Parts list.Printed 1947.

Humber Pullman Limousine. Parts catalogue Pub No.143 .Ministry of Supply/Aircraft contracts.

Humber Super Snipe Utility vehicles..Parts catalogue. H129. June 1942.

Humber Super Snipe pick up vehicles, wireless and personnel types. Pub No.148.

Humber Pullman Limousine. Service parts catalogue .Pub no.H.163.Aug 1945.

Hillman Utility vehicle. MK11B. Replacement parts catalogue.March 1944.

Hillman Sixteen, Hawk and'80'.Service parts catalogue. Pub no.H166.Sept 1945.

Hillman Minx 1940/41.Replacement parts catalogue.1940.

Hillman Minx. Parts catalogue.1936,til 1939 models. April 1955.Pub no.H164/R.

Lucas.Equipment and parts list.1956.Austin.Covers civilian Champ.

Land Rover.3/4 ton SAS. Body.Rover 11.Army code no.22128.

Land Rover, Utility, GS,FFR 1/2 ton 4x4 Rover 1. (Series 11A).Army code No.60595.1976.Illustrated part list.

Land Rover lightweight. Series 3. Covers g.s. and f.f.w.

Land Rover Series 3 military, 3/4 ton,4x4,109inwb. 22715. Sept 1975.

Land Rover  Series 3.22840.3/4 ton .CL.June 1982.Diesel engine,4 cyl,2.25 litre.

Land Rover. Forward Control. 1 tonne 4x4. Provisional Parts catalogue. Part No.608294A.March 1975.

Land Rover.GS,FFR, 1/2 ton, 4x4, Series 3. Illustrated parts Catalogue. Army code no. 61278. 2nd Edition. July 1982.

Land Rover 10 and 11.Army code.22007.1970.Covers 12 and 24 volt.2.25 ltr petrol engine.

Land Rover. 1/4 and 3/4 ton. Parts list. Contracts WV3517,3518,3691,3692,3693,3694. Army code no. 20939. To be used in conjunction with Army Code 20873.

Land Rover Military Defender 110.2.5 diesel.12v,12/24v.Contract no LV2A/004.AESP 2320-D-122-721.

Land Rover 90.Supplementary  parts catalogue. RTC 9421.

Land Rover 110.Supplementary parts catalogue.RTC9942

Land Rover 90/110/127.Illustrated parts catalogue. AESP 2320-D-122-711.

Wolf,TUL,TUM,TUM Ambulance. Defender XD All variants. Commercial parts list. 2320-D-128-721.1997.

Land Rover WMIK.Chapter 2-6.50 sides.Illustrated.

Morris 1000,Cross reference list for British Leyland, illustration plate,reference numbers.Army code no.22516.Dec1973.

Standard, Light utility, car 2 seater, 12 h.p. Contract 294/23/S8555.44 sides.Illustrated.

Standard Vanguard.4x2,Ensign.C.L.saloon.W.D.Code 20820.Over 88 sides.

Standard Vanguard.MK3.saloon,4x2.W.D.Code.20016.April 1959.

Supacat MK2.Carrier,Utility,Wheeled all Terrain,Mobile platform,6x6 Supacat.Illustrated parts list.AESP 2320-B-102-711.Oct 1990.

Replacement parts catalogue and information guide for the Jeep. GPW and MB. Universal car distributors.

Tractor,Massey Ferguson.30E.Parts book.819707M1(1)4/84.22968.

Zephyr 4.Ford.Parts lsit.Army code no.20805.


Austin 2ton lorry,engine and chassis, (1939-1945).

Austin.Master spare parts list for 3 ton (4x2) W.D.Vehicles.Pub no.103.Jan 1945.

Austin 2-ton lorry.Engine (3.5 litre) and chassis.Parts list. Pub no.566.Jan 1949.

Austin.Master spare parts list for 2ton (4x2)W.D.Ambulances.(K2/Y).Jan 1945.

Austin.Spare parts list for 2ton WD ambulance.Contract no.A.2939.May 1942.124 sides.

Austin.2 ton S.W.B.Towing unit for fire service. Series K2.YP,K2.YV.Jan 1943.

Austin,3 ton,4x2,cl list.W.D.Code17915.June 1953.Austin pub.1019.

Austin.3 ton W.D. vehicles.Contract V.3993.June 1940.100 sides.

Austin.3 ton W.D. vehicles. Contract V.3796. Open cab and canvas hood only. May 1940.92 sides.

Austin. Spare parts list for 3 ton (6x4) WD Vehicles. With general service body. Contract S.2411. Pub no. 2241. March 1944.

Austin A40.GS.2.Parts list.Jan 1951.W.O.Code17233.Austin publication No.808.

Austin 30cwt,2ton,3ton. Commercial vehicles.

Austin 2 ton,K2,LV,SL,SV,VS,VV,VW. May 1945.

Austin multi fuel truck.Army code 20938.contract no.WV.3257.

Austin K9,truck 1ton,gs,wireless. 19068. June 1958.

Austin K9.1 ton,4x4,G.S. truck.covers, cargo,ffw,wireless light,radio repair.W.O.Code 17735.Sept 1953

Austin K9,truck 1ton, gs, 4x4. 18559. June 1958.

Austin 1 ton 4x4,gs truck. K9. W.D.contract No.6/vehs/7877/CB27A. cargo,ffw,wireless repair. 17735. 1963.


Bedford CL,Ambulance,2 stretcher.4x2.P.S.419.Feb 1964.W.O.Code18421.


Bedford MK P.Chassis/cab.4ton,4x4.Army code no.22144.March 1977.

Bedford MK.Body (Marshalls of Cambridge) mounted on Bedford KELC5 (EJN3BCO), MK P2BMO and MK P2WMO.Army code no.22608.July 1976.

Bedford MJ.All variants. Illustrated part list. AESP 2320-H-100-701. Nov 1990.

Bedford  MKP2BMO. Atlas 193 deg slew.3 tonne crane. Illustrated parts catalogue. Army code no. 22753. Jan 1976.

Bedford.Chassis cab, 8 ton, 4x2. (EJR3BCO). Illustrated parts catalogue. Army code no.22741. Feb 1989.

Bedford.  Atlas 360 deg slew crane. Illustrated parts catalogue. Army code no. 22713. Jan 1974.


Bedford RL,3 ton,,Service parts,3 ton.Illustrated parts list. Feb 1955.

Bedford RL,truck,3 ton,4x4,GS.Cargo,dropside,M.T.Repair.P.S.377.WD code.20081.June 1961.

Bedford RL,truck,3 ton,Split cab.4x4.Army code no.22025.March 1969.

Bedford RL,truck,3 ton,4x4,cargo with winch,recovery light,dropside with winch,cargo with winch,P.S.376.Army code.20083.October 1968

Bedford RL with 2 ton crane, 4 ton, 4x4.Hiab 2 ton, Model 173.Army code no.22629.April 1973.Crane only.

Bedford RL,truck,3ton,g.s.4x4,contract no.6/VEHS/23018/CB27A.P.S.153.W.D.Code19990.Jan 1958.

Bedford RL,truck,3ton,g.s.4x4,cargo,signals,armoured bodies.W.D.Code19114.P.S.81.May 1956.

Bedford RL,Tractor,3ton,GS,Recovery light 4x4.Code no.20704. March 1963.


Bedford SB, Passenger coach body (strachans)on s.b. chassis,aircraft freight loading body (spurling) on s.l. chassis.Schedule of spare parts and servicing spares.

Bedford TK,CL,Series S, 4x2.Illustrated parts list. AESP.2320-H-101-711.

Bedford QL.3 ton. 2 and 4 wheel drive.July 1943.Illustrated.


Commer,3 ton,fed,Civil Defence.Commencing chassis no.38A5585.contract no.6/veh/ no.618.

Commer,3 ton,4x2,g.s.model Q4.Pub no.267.Issued1/44.

Commer,truck,3 ton,4x2,cl.cargo.Model QX5.Chassis number 22A5000-22A9999,6/vehs/7958/cb27a.W.O.Code17679.

Commer,3 ton,4x4g.s. range.Army code17739.Pub no.437A.1961.

Commer 2/3-3/4 ton and heavy duty pick up.MkIII.Superpoise parts list.Pub no.421B.

Commer KC40/60.4x2 large van.Army code no.22854.Sept 1976.

G.M.C.Trucks.1940-1941.Master parts list. Series 93,94,95,96.G.M.Australia.

Chevrolet.Illustrated army parts cat.1940-1941.8,15,15A,30,60S,60L,GT. Jan 1941.

Chevrolet.Special 4103 ,heavy duty chassis with cab, also Thornton dual tandem drive parts, Bendix vacuum power brake parts. October 1940.Over 50 Sides.

Leyland DAF.All Variants. 4x4, GS. AESP 2320-H-104-711. July 2002.

Dodge T-110 L-5. Parts list.1943.

Ford. F60L. 3 ton 4x4. Canadian Military Pattern. Illustrated spare parts list. F60L-01. December 1942.

Ford 30cwt.g.s. lorry.Model WOT 3-D.Contract no.V-3952.July 1940.

Ford Thames Fwd control.7V.24.h.p. and 30.h.p. 4 wheeler,Sussex and Surrey.Oct 1946.

Ford ET6.lorry,3ton,4x2,cl.cargo.W.O.Code17659.

Guy Ant.War office chassis.Contracts V.3428 and V.3504.Catalogue of spare parts, illustrated.

Guy Ant.War office chassis.Contract V.3372.Catalogue of spare parts.

Guy.3/5ton,six wheel.War office chassis.

Humber,1 ton,G.S.,cargo,4x4,Humber,Mk.1 truck,1 ton,G.S.,cargo,4x4,Humber,MK.1-w/winch truck,1 ton,G.S.,F.F.W..,4x4,Humber,MK.1-w/winch truck,1 ton,G.S.WRLS.,4x4,Humber,MK.1 truck,1 ton,Armoured,4x4,Humber truck,1 ton,Armoured,4x4,Humber-w/winch truck,1 ton,Armoured,F.F.W.,4x4,Humber.Power supply,electrical and pheumatic,truck mounting.Truck guided missile supply.W.O.Code 12815.Dated 1960.

Morris CS8. MK111.Jan 1939. War Office contract T.6076 DC2A.

Morris MRA/1. 1 ton truck, 4x4.G.S.Range. W.D.Contract nos. 6/veh/7876/CB.27A.

Morris Commercial truck, 3 ton, 4x2, CL. Service parts catalogue. Army code 17674.

Morris Commercial spare parts list.For models.CS11/30,CS11/40,CS13/40,CS11/30L,CS11/40L,CS13/40L.Well illustrated.Dated 1934.


AEC (TG6LB).20 ton, 6x4, LHD, with fifth wheel coupling. Illustrated parts list. Army code no. 22627. July 1972.

AEC. Lorry, 3 ton, 4 wheeled, armoured, wireless,demolition,minelaying,personnel. Nov 1940.

AEC.Tractor,10ton,,AA.6x4-A.E.C.,truck 10 ton,g.s.tipper,6x4.Army code 17728.Dec 1954.

AEC.Matador 0853. W.D.Contract nos.5061-6421.W.O.Code 17670.Illustrated spare parts list.

AEC.0854.MK11 Diesel.Forward control.2500 Gallon fuel tank bodies.Chassis range.464-1512.Spare parts list.

AEC.truck,10 ton,g.s.fuel tank,2,500 gallon.6x4.W.O.Code.19421.Dec1954.

AEC.Militant.10 ton,gs range,cargo,dropside 18ft.Army code.22083.July 1969.

AEC.Militant.10 ton,gs cargo,dropside 6 x6 .Army code.22084.July 1969.

AEC.Militant.MK3,10 ton, 6x6, LHD,Body. Army code no.22671.

AEC Militant MK3.Chassis cab.10ton 6x6,LHD.Army code no 22676.Illustrated parts list.

Albion W.D. FT15N.Tractor 6x6,field artillery with winch. Spares list.Oct 1946

Albion W.D.BY.1N.3 ton.6 wheeled.1939 Spares list.

Albion W.D.BY3N.3 ton.6 wheeler.Spares list.1940.

Alvis Stalwart. MK1 and MK2. 5 ton, 6x6. Illustrated parts list.Army code no. 14226. Sept 1970.

Austin 5 ton. Commencing chassis no. 130001. engine no. 160001. May 1949.

Austin 5 ton lorry.Engine and chassis.Pub no.451.July 1948.92 sides.

Bedford 8ton, 4x4 Truck. All variants. Illustrated parts catalogue. AESP2320-L-701-711.

Dogde Trucks.Spare Parts Catalogue.4 to 5 ton models.80C,82C and 101a.July 1943.

Foden,8RR6/22 and 8RR6/30. ISPL.Army code no.22737.Aug 1976.

Foden, IMMLC, 15ton 8x6,LHD.Illustrated parts list.


GMC.(APV2). Armoured patrol truck. 4x4, 6.5 ltr. Diesel. Commercial Parts catalogue. AESP 2320-K-200-721. 2nd  edition . May 2005.

GMC.truck,21/2 ton,6x6,6x4.Truck,Bomb servcie M27 and M27B1.Organizational maintenance allowances.ORD7SNLG-508.Aug 1951.225 sides.

Guy 'Warrior' mk11,4 wheeler commercial and passenger chassis.spare parts catalogue.


Leyland.6x6,Martian.cargo,cargo 16ft,medium artillery tractor,heavy artillery tractor.Army code 14886.Sept 1971.

Leyland,6x6,Martian.Recovery vehicle.W.O.Code no.13837.Nov 1962.

Leyland.10 ton,6x6. Cargo, artillery tractor.W.O.Code no.12813.

Leyland 'Retriever',3 axle chassis,model W.L.W.3A.(Chassis no 308608 to 308666)PL.5147.


Leyland DAF truck. Load handling. DROPS. 15 tonne 8x6 LHD. Mobility load carrier (MMLC). Illustrated parts list. AESP 2320-R-301-711.December 1989.

Scammell Crusader. 20 ton, 6x4, CLTractor,wheeled,semi trialer.Army code 22802.July 1978.

Scammell Constructor.20 ton tractor.6x6.G.S. W.D.Code no.19479.1960.

Scammell EKA. Recovery vehicle.wheeled,CL,6x4.Army code no.22940.June 1982.

Scammell Crusader. 35 ton, 6x4,CL.tractor, wheeled semi- trailer. Army code no. 22730.Dec 1979

Scammell.Breakdown tractor 6x4.Model SV/2S.Spare parts list.

Scammell.Breakdown tractor 6x4.Model R100.Heavy artillery. Spare parts list.

Scammell.Tank transporter 30 ton.6x5+8 Semi trailer recovery model..Spare parts list.

Scammell.Tractor 6 wheeled. Gardner engine.L.W. type. Contracts V.3502.V.3610.Dated 1940.

Scammell.tractor Breakdown, 6x6 heavy. W.O.Code no.17562.Meadows Petrol engine.

Thornycroft.Mighty Antar.6x4.Heavy.Chassis no.54742-54756.W.O.Code no.17858.Spare parts list.

Thornycroft. Mighty Antar.6x4.Heavy.Chassis no.54769-57255.W.O.Code no.17981.Spare parts list.

Thornycroft.Tractor 50/60 ton GS for semi trailer 6x4,Thorncroft Antar Mk.3 and 3A.(Including RR engine).Army code no.20832.

Thornycroft. Mighty Antar. Metorite Engine MK.204. Illustrated parts list. W.O.Code no. 12691. Oct 1959.

Thornycroft.Mighty Antar MK2. Tractor.G.S.30 ton semi trailer,6 x4.. W.D.Code No.19070. June 1956.


Abbot and Suffield Abbot. Illustrated parts list. Army code No.13928.July 1970.

Humber,1 ton,G.S.,cargo,4x4,Humber,Mk.1 truck,1 ton,G.S.,cargo,4x4,Humber,MK.1-w/winch truck,1 ton,G.S.,F.F.W..,4x4,Humber,MK.1-w/winch truck,1 ton,G.S.WRLS.,4x4,Humber,MK.1 truck,1 ton,Armoured,4x4,Humber truck,1 ton,Armoured,4x4,Humber-w/winch truck,1 ton,Armoured,F.F.W.,4x4,Humber.Power supply,electrical and pheumatic,truck mounting.Truck guided missile supply.W.O.Code 12815.Dated 1960.


Chieftain,120mm gun.MK1,MK2,MK3,MK3/G,MK3/S,MK3/2, and MK3/3.Section L.Electrical equipment.Over 1000 sides.

Chieftain.MK1,MK2,MK3,MK3/G,MK3/S,MK3/2 and MK3/3.Illustrated Spare parts list. Army code no 13929.Revised 1971.

Cheiftain. MK 5,5P, 5/3P. Sections A to K. Army code no. 60860.

Cheiftain. MK5,5P,5/3P.Section L. Electrical Equipment.Army code 60860.

Cheiftain. MK5,5P,5/3P.Section M.Gun Control Equipment. Army code 60860.

Chieftain Tank.AVLB.Illustrated parts list. Army code no.60865.Sept 1973.

Cheiftain. ARV. MK5. Army code no.61345. Section a to E,.Power unit.Coolant system,Fuel system, exhaust system, Lubrication system.

Chieftain.Improved fire control system.Army code no.60860.Sept 1979.

Chieftain.Ordnance,Breech loading,120mm,L11A5 with accessories/ancillaries and projector,light,AV,No.1 mk1 and No.3 mk1. Army code no.61383.Dated 1980.

Chieftain.Ordnance,Breech loading,120mm,L11A7 with accessories/ancillaries and projector,light,AV,No.1 mk1 and No.3 mk1. Army code no.61384.Dated 1976.


Centurion Tank. Medium Gun. Code no. 12969. Mks 9 and 10. Sections A-s, less L.M.R. Illustrated parts list.

Centurion MK5.Bridgelayer.W.O.Code 13893.Dated 1964.

Centurion MK5,Tank,bulldozer.W.O.Code no.13355.July 1961.

Centurion MK.2,Tank,ARV.W.O.Code no.12063.1961.

Centurion, Beach BARV.W.O.Code no.13374. Illustrated parts list.

Centurion I and II.Identification list.Dated 1948.First edition. Meteor engine, IV and IVA.W.O.Code 1886.

Centurion MK3.Turret traverse gear and gun control equipment.No.1MK.4.1951. W.O.Code no.6913.55 sides.

Centurion A.V.R.E. Trailer 7.5 ton. 4 wheeled. Army code no. 14511. June 1965.


Combat engineer tractor (CET)FV180.AESP 2350-T-310-711.Jun 03. Illustrated Parts list.

Conqueror,MK1 and Mk2.ARV.1960.Illustrated parts list.W.O.Code no.12994.Pt2.Gives details of Electrical equipment and Recovery equipment.


CVR(T). Common Items. IllustratedParts list. AESP 2350-T-210-711. Oct 1997.

CVR(T).Scorpion.76mm gun.Illustrated Parts list. Army code no.60856.Feb 1976.

CVR(T).Sultan Command Vehicle.Illustrated Parts list.Army code no.61599.Aug 1976.

CVR(T). Sabre. Illustrated Parts list. AESP 2350-R-101-711. Oct 1999.

CVR(T).Spartan. Illustrated parts list. AESP 2350-T-211-711.

CVR(T).Samaritan.Illustrated parts list.AESP 2350-T-212-711.Feb 1998.

CVR(T)(D). Diesel.Common items.Illustrated parts list. AESP.2350-T-220-711.

CVR(T)(D).Samson. Illustrated parts catalogue. AESP 2350N120711.


Stormer, Carrier, Full tracked, Troop Reconnaissance Vehicle (TRV). Illustrated parts catalogue. AESP 2350-T-120-711. Sept 2000.

Shielder. Carrier, Full tracked, Vehicle Launched Scatterable Mine System (VLSMS). Illustrated parts catalogue. AESP 2350-T-125-711. 2nd edition. March 2000.


J60. CVR(T). Illustrated spare parts list. Covers engine,radiator,carb,exhaust,oil filter,steering levers,drivers hatch,front wheel station,ignition system,turret gearbox and gun mounting.

CVR(T)Parts List. 60856. Incomplete, covers, sections L to V, Electrical equipment,turret traverse gear,stowage,optical equipment,mountings,weapons,N.B.C. pack,radio positions..

Fox. CVR(W).Combat vehicle,reconnaisance,wheeled,30mm gun,Dec 1991.Army Code 60862.


Carrier,full tracked articulated lhd,BV206(Swedish).Illustrated parts list.2350-T-302-711.August 1987.Petrol V6 engine.

Carrier,full tracked,articulated l.h.d.,diesel,Hagglunds BV206 D6.Commercial parts list.2350-T-303-721.June 1991.All terrain carrier.BV206 D6 Mortar version.Spare parts catalogue.9 Mortar variant supplement.1994.All terrain carrier.BV206 D6 Falkland version.Spare parts catalogue.Parts list for the Hagglunds BV206D6,Rapier version.Over 1000 sides of A4.


Ferret,MK4 and MK5.Scout car,Recce.Army code no.60367.Sept 1970.

Ferret Mk1 and MK1/1,MK2 and MK2/3 and MK2/6 VHF.Army code no.14992.Aug 1969 Illustrated spare parts list.

Ferret. MK1 Liason. Parts list. W.O.Code no. 17778. 1953.


FV432 APC.Provisional spare parts list for carrier,personnel,fulltracked,April 1964.Armycodeno.13927.Communication Installations.Basic radio,three set,B harness in tracked A.P.C. FV432.H200-H205.Oct 1966.


FV432. Mk1,MK2 and Mk2/1.Illustrated parts list.Army code no. 14660.

FV432, Rarden and GPMG turrets. Illustrated parts list. Army code no.61279. Sept 1974.

FV434.Full tracked maintenance carrier.Army code no.14861.April 1971.

FV434.MK1 and 1/1. Bowman. Illustrated parts catalogue. AESP 2350-T-252-711. April 2004. With amendment No.s 1 and 2.

FV432.Bulldog 2. FV436 Bulldog 6. Illustrated parts catalogue. AESP 2350-T-255-711. Sept 2005. With ammendments No.1 to 8.


Half track vehicles.Autocar,Diamond T,and White. Ordnance supply catalogue.Higher echelon spares and equipment list. June 1944.SNLG-102..

Tractor,M5A1,high speed,13 ton.Organizational maintenance allowances.ORD7SNLG-162.Oct 1950.

Khalid 4030/2 MBT. Jordan. Illustrated parts list. April 1981.Group A- K..

Khalid 4030/2 MBT. Jordan. Illustrated parts list. April 1981.Group M.

M8,car armoured light,M20,Armoured utility.Field and base maintenance spare parts and equipment.ORD8SNLG-136.Aug1948.Illustrated over 350 sides.

M4A2.tank.Service parts catalogue.Part II.SNL G-104.Volume VII.July 1943.

Saladin MK2. Illustrated Parts list. W.O.Code No.12013.

Saxon. Wheeled. (All Variants). Illustrated parts list. AESP 2320-X-100-711. 3rd Edition. Oct 1992.

Staghound,Armoured car (T.17.E.1) III. May 1945. Parts list Supplement.

Sherman Tank.M4A3.75mm.Gun.Illustrated parts list.G-204.December 1944.Ford V8 engine. Over 415 sides.

Saracen MK1,MK2,MK3,MK5,MK6 and armoured command post R.A. Army code no.12259.Augusst 1975.

Warrior.Engine,diesel,17.4 litre V8.Turbo charged. AESP2815-N-740-711.July 1990.

Valentine Tank I and II. June 1944.

Generating Sets...

B.S.A. 300 watt, charging set.

Buda model 6-DCG-844.60kw diesel generator set.Instruction manual and parts list.1944.

Charging sets, rectifier,input 250/1/50 output,single circuit,30 amp.,20 cells,automatic,no.1.11459.Dec 1955.

Engine B40,no.1, mk.5h, installed in generating set,a.c.10kva,no.1,mk.1. 12838.

Engines,S.I.Ford,V.8.(spec.IPU.6005A)Driving :-plants,arc welding,S.O.,bed plate mounted,400/300 amps,heavy duty(a)w3/wx.25063/hs/1,(b)w3/wx.25063/mx/1.W.O.Code 11777.Sept 1956.

Generator Set.Diesel.Engine driven.Skid mounted.40kw,50kva,416/240v, 3 phase,50/60Hz (HCTL).ISPL.AESP 6115-K-501-711.

Generating Set.A.C.Transportable.Diesel engine driven.120kw,415/240v and 208/120v, 3 phase.W.O.Code13083.ISPL.1966.

Generating Set.Petrol engine.6kva,240v,single phase.Army code no.60006.ISPL.1966.

Generator set.Petrol engine.500 watt,24/30v.Army code no.60511.ISPL.1970.Powerlite.

Generating Set.A.C.500va.240v,single phase,No.2.MK.2.W.O.Code no.13056.ISPL.1964.

Generator Set.A.C.500va,240v,single phase,50 c/s,No.2 with petrol engine,Villiers MK.12 HS.W.O.Code 12582.ISPL 1960.

Motor Generators,Input 415v,A.C.3 phase.50c/s.Output 200v,1.5 kva,single phase.1100 c/s.ISPL.W.O.Code no 10812. 1954

Generating set.A.C.1.5 kva,240v,single phase,No.1. c/w tools and spares.W.O.Code no.12674.ISPL.1959.

Generating sets,A.C.3.5kva,230volts.Single phase.No.1,Mk1/1.Unmounted.Trailer mounted.W.O.Code no.10587.Ident list.1953

Generating set.A.C.3.5kva,230v,single phase.No.1MK.2,C/W tools and spares.W.O.Cde 12542.ISPL.1959.

Generator Set.Petrol engine.3.5 kva,230v.Single phase.No.1Mk.3. c/w tools and spres.ISPL.W.O.Code no.13892.1963.

Generator set.Petrol engine.A.C.3.5kva,120/240v,single phase,No.1.MK2. c/w repair kit.Army code no.14309.ISPL.1966.

Generating sets,4kw,110 volts,Petter.W.O.Code2354.Identification list.1951.

Generating sets,Coventry Climax,4kva.Identification list. 1944.Illustrated.

Generating set,A.C.,5Kva,240v,single phase,50c/s,No.2. c/w tools and spares. 12639. 1960.

Generating set.Petrol engine.AC.5kva.208/115v,3 phase.Army code no.60466.ISPL.March 1974.

Generating set,A.C.,10kva,415/240v,50c/s,208/120v,60c/s,3phase,no.1,mk.1,trailer mounted,c/w tools and spares. 12568. June 1960.

Generating set,AC,10kva,240v,single phase, 50c/s,no.1,c/w tools and spares. Trailer mounted.ISPL.12837. 1960.

Generating set.A.C.62.1/2kva,415/240v,3 phase,50 c/s,No.1,Mk.4,Skid mounted,c/w tools and spares.W.O.Code 13439.ISPL.1961.

Generator set,diesel engine,trailer mounted,A.cC,10kva,415/240v,3 phase,50c/s,c/w repair kit and maint kit.Army code no.14176.1966.

Generating set,A.C. 27.5KVA 415/240v,208/120v,3phase50/60c/sno1,Mk1.Trailer mounted X2/XB 18959. and less trailer. 11375. 1955.

Generator set,A.C.30kva,416v,3 phase,50c/s.Army code no.60339.ISPL.1969

Panel,Power distribution.Generating set.500VA,No.2.Army code no.13846.1965.

Generator Set.Diesel enqine driven. 16/24Kw, 240/416v. 1-3 phase, 5-/60 Hz. Hunting CL. AESP 6115-H-501-711. Sept 1992.




Allis Chalmers.TL645,mk1,mk2,mk3,mk4.Tractor wheeled earth moving.Army code.22055.March 1975.

Allis Chalmers.Wheel loader.645 Series B.Parts catalogue.

BK-12 Motor Grader.manual no.1008.Blaw Knox ltd.1960.

Blaw Knox ,BK50,Excavator, 1/2cu.yd,Truck mounted.MK1 Dennis Jubilant W.O.Code 11385.Jan 1956.

Blaw Knox,BK50,MK1,Excavator, 1/2cu.yd,Truck mounted.W.O.Code 13492.

Blaw Knox,BK50,MK2,Excavator, 1/2cu.yd,Truck mounted.W.O.Code 12449.Dated 1959.

Blaw Knox,BK50,MK3,(A.E.C.)Excavator, 1/2cu.yd,Truck mounted.W.O.Code 12688.Dated 1959

Blaw Knox,BK50,Chassis 10 ton.C.L. 6x6 MK.1.Dennis Jubilant.Excavator 1/2 cu.yd.June 1960.

Coles crane MK.VI.series II.Pub no.50/10.Illustrated.Dec 1953.

Challenger 33.Diesel crawler tractor.Fowler.Army no.3092.

Eager Beaver. 4,000lb, fork lift tractor. Army code no. 60536.Aug 1972.

Fowler crawler tractor,Challenger 3.M.3.W.O.Code no 20714.May 1963.Parts list.

Muirhill.Dumper,4 1/2 cu.yd. Model 14B.W.O.Code no.13098.

T14,TD14.Crawler tractor.TC-25-B.Over 300 sides.

Trenching Machine.Mobile digger MK2.Army code no.60932.June 1976.

Vickers Vigor Crawler tractor. Parts list. W.O.Code no.20717.

Volvo BM4400 Tractor. Illustrated parts list.


Cranes.Vehicle mounted.

Bedford  MKP2BMO. Atlas 193 deg slew.3 tonne crane. Illustrated parts catalogue. Army code no. 22753. Jan 1976.

Bedford.  Atlas 360 deg slew crane. Illustrated parts catalogue. Army code no. 22713. Jan 1974.

Bedford RL. Atlas 193 deg slew crane. Illustrated parts catalogue. Army code no.22716. Aug 1974.

Crane 3 tonne, (Atlas 180 deg slew). Illustrated parts catalogue. Army code no.22936. Jan 1982.

Crane (3 ton, Hiab 550 Airportable). Illustrated parts catalogue. Army code no.22883. June 1979.

Crane (3 ton, Hiab 550 and 550/2). Illustrated parts catalogue. Army code no.22653.June 1976.



Bicycle,T.P.,Heavy Duty.(Phillips)Identification list.12169.1957.

Body,spirit tank,g.s. 800 gallon, mounted on, Bedford 4x4,3ton,g.s. 19467. Feb 1957.

Minelayer,mechanical,barmine.Illustrated.60757.April 1972.

Meters contamination No.1,MK.2,and ancillary equipment.w.O.Code11483.March 1965.

Meters,survey,radiac,No.2 equipment.W.O.Code11490.Nov 1965.

Meters doserate portable trainer No.1 equipment. W.O.Code.11580.Jan 1956.

Radar,,mk.1.W.O.Code12502.Jan 1960.

Trepanning machine,Bomb Disposal,No.5,MK.1.Illustrated 12951.June 1960.

T14,TD14.Crawler tractor.TC-25-B.Over 300 sides.


Allison Transmissions. CLT5861,5961,6061,CLBT 5861,5961,6061,VCLT 5861,5961,VCLBT 5861,5961.SA1860.June 1981.

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