User Handbooks.

The why and where of vintage MV manuals.

As with the circle of life, Vintage MV manuals was created after a need arose.

Having access to and use of reproducing equipment, it was often me, who got asked to produce or copy manuals for friends. So the service began. Form my own collection to acquiring other collectors collections.

Some of the manuals we have for reproduction, are unobtainable in their original form, and often command high prices if ever they become available. Supply of original manuals have always been exceeded by demand, and high prices will always be supported to keep up the value of this scare commodity.

As with most of life, knowledge is power, collecting, collating and cataloguing manuals, takes time and effort. Manual reproductions need sorting and checking, unable to be done by a computer or automation.  This time has to be accounted for and 'bargains' can rarely be offered.

Prices have to be realistic to ensure there is an adequate return to re-invest and keep the 'circle' complete. It is much more than going to the local garage and paying 10 pence a copy.

As with most commercial enterprises, re-investment is the key to success, success that I can pass onto my customers, by being able to offer a service of supplying manuals, on a relatively quick turnaround basis. Tried ringing the local library for a copy of a Daimler Ferret part list? No ,neither have I.

Hopefully we can keep the circle of life going for a little longer, and supply your needs quickly and efficiently.

All manuals are sold as collectors items for information only, and should be viewed as such. We reserve the right not to supply.

Please allow 28 days for delivery once payment has been received. We do try to turn round orders on a daily basis but sometimes due to commercial pressures this is not possible.

Please remember some of these manuals are over fifty years old, the quality of paper and printing used then, will reflect in the reproductions produced. We reserve the right to change page sizes, pages can be dated and may display our website address.

We reserve the right to change the colour of covers, and production techniques. If unsure please ask.

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